How is 9anime Better Than all Other Anime Websites?

Wondering what anime is and how is it better than all other anime websites? If yes, then continue reading this article to find out all your answers and explore some amazing options.


Pronounced as “ah-knee-ma,” anime is a form of a cartoon that has taken over the television by storm. Anime means animation in Japan, but outside of Japan, it refers to Japanese animation specifically. Initially, it was made only in Japan and for the Japanese audience. For this reason, anime films and shows showcased Japanese culture and traditions, their language, and their day-to-day activities. Because the target audience was only Japanese, anime makers did not feel the need to translate it into any other language. Surprisingly, it did not take much time for anime to spread all over the world and make people go crazy for it! 

The last forty years have been a turning point for the anime industry as its popularity only increased, and it got bigger and better. In the West, a whole generation of people grew up watching anime. In their childhood and associate it with it emotionally. This is why they pass down the tradition to their children and make them watch anime. Not only does anime. Have great life lessons, but it also teaches you how to behave in certain situations and never give up. With all its different genres and plots, there are uncountable things. That you can learn from anime shows and movies which will be helpful in real life as well. 

Most people think anime is a genre itself that is an entirely wrong assumption. Even though it may be tempting to consider all anime shows, movies, and books a single genre, that is not the case. Anime falls into numerous existing genres like horror, comedy, drama, action, sci-fi, thriller, and adventure. So, the name anime does not refer to a single genre. Still, it relates to the overall process through which anime uses animation, bright, attractive colors, and captivating storylines. Combining all these things makes it extremely hard for viewers to take their eyes off the television. 

What Makes Anime So Much More Special Than Other Forms of Cartoon?

Many people who are new to the anime world or have never tried watching anime before need a lot of convincing before they can finally agree on seeing an episode or two. After watching that, they are sure to get hooked on the entire series and find another one after that according to their taste. The question as to what makes anime so much more special than other visual forms of entertainment can be answered in a simple sentence, “It is different.” Yes, you heard it right! Most Americans are fascinated by anime because it is strikingly different from their regular Batman and Superman comics. Anime is simply different from all other cartoons, and that is what makes it unique and attractive. People are always inclined towards things that they are new to and that they can explore. Anime gives people plenty of material to explore and go in-depth.

Moreover, anime showcases excellent action sequences because of the limitlessness that animation provides. The fight scenes are immaculate and look extremely real and captivating. The colors used are purposely exotic and full of life, so the audience is automatically lured in. The characters have flaws, and they are as realistic as humans, which makes anime relatable to most people and, as a result, a source of comfort. The storyline always has many moral lessons, yet it never gets boring because of its sharp twists and turns. Moreover, the cultural nuances that the characters showcase are worth watching and learning from. 

There are a lot of different styles in which developers can make anime. Since numerous producers and anime, favorite industries are following their own rules and incorporating their style into anime. For example, while anime can have a very vivid vibe like in “Samurai Champloo,” it can also be fundamental and mainstream as in “Azumanga Daioh!”. The best part about anime would be that even the simple-looking shows are popular, which means it’s not the glitz or attractiveness that the anime fans love, but it is the storylines and the feel that anime has to itself. Anime producers certainly do not shy away from showcasing epic and legendary storylines thoroughly and as precisely as they can with hundreds of episodes. This means if you start watching anime, it will undoubtedly require you to be all in emotionally.

Moreover, some anime that people have watched during their childhoods can also be precious to them and close to their hearts. This is why most people overlook and rewatch anime and are always looking for a free anime streaming site to do so. 9anime is one of the best anime streaming websites to have existed up until now!

What Is the History of Anime?

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Anime lovers are primarily interested in knowing everything about anime, so they also have many questions about its history. The anime world indeed has a unique history of its own that dates back to the nineteenth century. Though some people might find it shocking, anime did exist back in the old days too. The modern animation techniques and graphics make anime sound like a thing of the future and not of the past. As weird as it may sound, anime was born through a French art movement that nudged Japanese artists to develop something unique and mind-blowing. This was how the first animation was born in Japan. However, this is not when anime immediately gained popularity. Until world war II, not many people knew about this form of cartoon. 

But the brilliant idea of using anime to raise people’s morale gave anime a considerable uplift. In months and years, the whole world was fascinated with the colorful and magical world of anime. Throughout the years, Japanese artists kept practicing modern animation techniques that the Westerners were already acquainted with. Slowly and steadily, the anime industry of Japan was set up, and it only went uphill from there. One after another, the anime industry released significant hits, and the whole media industry was taken by storm with the release of each anime show or movie. This considerable success also played a part in producing many shows and films in a brief period. 

Some Interesting Facts About Anime That Will Blow Your Mind:

An anime lover can never learn enough about anime, and so, we have brought you a few interesting facts about anime that you may have never heard before. Not only are these facts handpicked by us to specifically blow your mind, but they will also strengthen your love for anime. If you are new to the anime world, reading these will help you develop your interest and know more about the magical world you are about to enter. So, without further ado, here we go:

  • Anime is more popular than you think it is!

The anime world is bigger and better than you think it is. More than 60% of the entire world’s entertainment based on animation is solely anime. By that, you can also guess how many people it employs. Because of its increasing success and popularity, Japan has started teaching its students anime as a separate subject. 

  • The highest-grossing anime film brought in $355 million.

Yes, you heard it right! Anime movies can make up to millions of dollars because of how captivating and remarkable they are. This specific movie called Your Name by Makoto Shinkai broke all commercial records when it got aired. Even though it was a fictional storyline, people loved it with all their hearts. The places shown in the movie were mainly real places that gave people a sense of belonging and made them relate to what they were watching. 

  • It is not the same as cartoons.

Even though it is a prevalent belief, it is not true at all. Most people consider anime the same as cartoons which is quite an understatement. The sheer complexity of anime characters and the perplexity of the storyline make it very different from regular comics, which are only meant for kids’ entertainment. While anime caters to the enjoyment of an audience belonging to every age group, it also gives significant life lessons that cartoons fail to deliver. 

  • The longest anime show has 7500+ episodes.

Watching anime is a big commitment because of how long the seasons are. If you have a free online streaming anime website, you will not face any trouble streaming this insane number of episodes. For example, Sazae-san has more than 7500 episodes, each 6-7 minutes long. 

  • Each character has more than twenty voice actors.

Anime goes all out with its voice actors as well. Even though the main characters primarily mute in some anime, it still requires more than twenty voice actresses sometimes to say all the one-liners that are mostly imagined by other characters. That is how much effort that goes into making a single episode. 

  • Some voices in anime have been recorded in outer space.

Nothing is impossible for anime directors and makers when it comes to making a blockbuster episode. For an anime called Space Brothers, they hired an actual astronaut to make a guest appearance and record his voice from the International Space Station. This received an overwhelming response from the audience. 

  • Anime films are also academy award winners.

The world where Disney and Pixar received all the applause for everything, it was pretty challenging to bag an Academy Award for an anime film. In 2003, the all-time famous anime film Spirited Away won this prestigious award and made the anime industry even bigger and prouder. 

  • In Japan, you can find manga lying around anywhere.

Japan, the anime culture is deeply rooted in society, that finding manga lying around on the road is not strange. Once someone gets done reading it, they leave it everywhere for other people to pick it up and read it. 

  • New colors are constantly created to use in anime. 

The anime artists invented new colors and used new techniques. In this way, the producers made the best anime movie Akira. Not only was this a substantial technical achievement for the Japanese animation industry, but it also proved to the entire world how great anime movies were! Most of the scenes in this film were set in the night time which meant even more technical and precise use of color. But, breaking all records set before, this film used more than 327 colors. The best part is that 50 of these colors were specially made for the film. 

  • Big brands also sponsor some anime.

Because of its huge success and popularity, anime was sponsored and supported by food chains and other brands. For example, in the anime Code Geass, everyone loved pizza, and not just any other pizza; it was Pizza Hut’s pizza. The anime also showed the pizza box lying around in multiple scenes, advertising the food chain to the fullest. 

  • Anime names have a reason and a history.

Even though it may seem like anime names come into being on their own or do not need much thinking to be formal, that is not the case. Most anime artists name their anime after something close to their heart or something meaningful. For instance, Kubo, the creator of Bleach, named his show Bleach because this specific agent removes stains from clothes. In the anime, the soul reapers were also seen cleansing souls and bleaching them. Moreover, it was also Kubo’s favourite album name from Nirvana. 

How to Watch Anime Online in Hd Quality and Smooth Streaming?

If you are starting your anime journey now and want to know how and where you can watch anime in top-notch quality and smooth streaming, you are at the right place. All anime fans love watching anime without any disturbances like buffering, low-quality video, or excessive hindrances such as advertisements. This is why anime fans spend half of their lives finding the perfect website for binge-watching their favorite anime shows and movies on repeat. Anime gained most of its popularity with the advent of the internet and the birth of streaming websites such as Netflix and Amazon. However, not all people can afford to pay for the anime they watch, and sometimes they want to watch it for free without going through the long and tiring procedure of signing up and making money transactions. 

Not all streaming sites on the internet are reliable, which is why you have to choose carefully and weigh the pros and cons before starting to watch anime on one. Some websites are also illegal and can be a risk to watch anime at. Moreover, most websites have lagging and slow interfaces, allowing the viewer to browse quickly and smoothly. But on the other hand, 9anime is one of the few anime sites which is not just excellent for streaming anime, but it has a massive audience from all over the world. Most of the time, its servers get overloaded from the number of people clicking on the website. That shows how good the website is. 

What Is 9anime, and How Does It Work?

9anime is one of the most loved anime streaming websites which is more popular than all other anime websites. It stands out from all other streaming websites because of its clean interface and easy-to-use navigation system. Finding anime is no longer a chore for the fans but only a matter of a few easy clicks. This makes 9anime a site easy to use by both older adults and kids as well. This website also contains both subbed and dubbed anime because anime fans are always conflicted between the two categories. While some people think subbed anime is better because it leaves the real essence of Japanese language and emotion in the anime, others think dubbed anime is the way to go. So, 9anime caters to the choices of both categories of people. 

The best thing about 9anime would be its variety of anime shows and movies. The library of anime is enormous and never-ending, giving the audience a significant number of titles to choose from. This gives them the liberty to choose exactly the type of anime they want to select. The genres are in such great numbers that almost everyone can find one according to their taste and liking. This is why, once people get hooked to watching anime, there is no going back. Not only is it super addictive, but diversity is something one cannot turn away from. 

Some of the Best Features of 9anime

Here are some of the most prominent and the best features of 9anime which make it so efficient and smooth:

  • The anime is categorized into different sections concerning its genre, release date, and video quality. This is especially important when you want to watch anime from a particular genre or a specific year. It can also come in handy if you have a terrible internet connection and want to stream your anime at a lower quality. 
  • There are various filters available for parameters such as genre and release date. You can apply these to find your desired show with much ease. This will help you save all the time you would have spent otherwise surfing throughout the entire anime library. 
  • There are also filters for different languages that you can apply to find anime in your language only. Moreover, content is available in different resolutions and sizes. This means you do not have to worry about having a fast internet connection. All you need to do is choose a lower quality resolution and stream with a lot of ease. 
  • Users can find both subbed and dubbed animes at this site, giving them the freedom to watch whichever they think is the best. Most viewers prefer watching anime at 9anime because they can find exactly what they are looking for and watch it however they want to. 
  • It has a separate section featuring the newest anime, so you do not have to find much to look for the latest releases. All you need to do is click on this category and see all the titles displayed on your screen. 
  • This is a feature that most people love the most about 9anime. Unlike other anime websites, there is also an option to select an anime for you to watch and enjoy randomly. So, if someday you do not want to choose an anime but rather be surprised, you should click on this button and let the servers decide for you!

Why Should You Watch 9anime? Does It Have Any Benefits?

Many people want to know the pros and cons of signing up on an online website and suitable for doing so. No matter how popular the website is, you always need to know how it will benefit you once you start using it. As far as 9anime is concerned, it will give you a lot of benefits. One of these is providing excellent quality anime to watch online without waiting hours for it to download. The difference in video quality is what makes 9anime different from all other anime streaming platforms.

It also frees you from all the hassle of downloading anime apps or downloading anime on your desktop before watching it. As a result, a lot of time is saved, which would otherwise have been spent looking at the computer screen waiting for the anime to download. Now all you need to do is go to 9anime’s official website and search whichever anime you want to watch. 

You can also watch ongoing series through a separate category made into the interface of the website. There is another option for the latest series and movies. Moreover, the filters include options such as release date, language, type, status, country, and year. If you enter all these options correctly, you will find your desired anime in no time. There are up to 40 different genres, which means there are unlimited titles for you to watch.

Another section on the website shows you the top-rating anime each day of each week and even month. Another area offers you recently added anime which is uploaded to the website. The website also gives you the option to search anime through alphabets or choose an anime from the most-watched list. Moreover, you can also contact the anime website if you run into a significant issue or give constructive criticism on how the developers can make the interface better. 

Watching anime on 9anime will also eliminate the cost you pay for watching shows and movies on famous entertainment platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll. What is better than saving all this money and spending it somewhere it is worth spending. Moreover, paying for websites to watch anime is stupid when you can easily watch anime on free websites such as 9anime. This website also has a lot more variety than any other famous and pricey ones.

There will be no free trial or no paying every other month. You will have unlimited access to your favorite shows at 9anime, and nobody can take that away from you. If you cannot find your favourite anime on the website, the website also gives you an option to contact the developers and fill out a Request Form. After submitting this request form, they will upload your required anime in no time so you can enjoy watching it. Whenever you feel like watching anime, all you need to do is open the website and start watching. It is that easy!

Should You Supervise Your Children While They Watch 9anime?

The concern parents face about letting their children watch anime on 9anime is understandable. Even though anime has a lot to teach the kids and is full of life lessons, sometimes some anime might not be very appropriate. Like all other TV shows, parents should check the age limit for any anime their kids want to watch. At 9anime, you can check the age rating of a particular anime before letting your child go on with it, so they do not have to experience dark stuff such as gore and bloodshed, which might be disturbing to them. Also, children must watch things that are good for their mental growth and inculcate good qualities in them. The learning age for minor children is very significant for how they turn out to be in the future. This is why it is encouraged to show them anime that have suitable moral lessons and life lessons. Here are some anime on 9anime that are safe for kids to watch and teach them a thing or two! 

  • Fruit Basket

This is an anime about a little girl who encounters a weird yet adorable family. Each family member has the supernatural ability to transform themselves into their zodiac animal in times of sadness or distress. They can also transform when they are hugged, which makes this series lighthearted and funny. This anime is full of easy humor and is appropriate for kids of every age to watch. 

  • Astro Boy

Even though this series generally targets the kids’ audience, you still have to think it through before showing it to your child. It would help if you judged how well your child might respond to violence, such as the protagonist beating up robots shown very often in the anime. Other than the action sequences and fighting scenes, this anime also has some deep, thought-provoking elements, such as the mortality of the robots. 

  • Tokyo Mew Mew

This anime falls somewhere between the Power Puff Girls and Power Ranger cartoon series. It is about a group of girls who can transform into animal-themed gear and also into aliens. This makes this series very magical and exciting. Moreover, it is even better for little girls to watch because it gives them a sense of power and raises their self-esteem. 

All the Genres That 9anime Offers:

There are quite a lot of genres that 9anime has to offer their audience. Since there are so many genres to choose from, people usually find it hard to stop watching anime once they have started it. All these genres are exciting and captivating. They will lure you into the anime world, making it hard for you to leave. Once you become an anime fan, there is no going back. 9anime will aid you in watching all the anime you need to watch without any buffering or hindrances. With its easy-to-use interface and smooth streaming ability, 9anime will always be there to satiate your anime cravings in the best way possible. Some of the most popular genres on 9anime that anime lovers love are:

  • Demons

Some animes introduce the viewers to different demons, which are sometimes evil and sometimes even good. These anime are pretty popular among people who love watching horror anime as well. Some of the best examples of anime with demons are Devilman: Crybaby and Gregory Horror Show. 

  • Shounen

The shounen genre is specifically famous for its male protagonists and high-quality action sequences, which occur quite a lot during the anime. This genre is relatively renowned among boys because it features robots, martial arts, and mythological creatures. Some of the best shounen to watch on 9anime is Gate Keepers 21 and Miami Guns. 

  • Historical 

Historical anime revolves around significant events from the past, sometimes accurately depicting them and making necessary changes. Watching this anime is not only entertaining, but it also teaches you a thing or two. Some of the best historical anime to watch on 9anime is The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Black Butler, Tales of Little Women, and Shigurui. 


Thus, if you want to watch your favorite anime shows and movies without having to wait for them to download, head over to the official website of 9anime. You will find everything you want to watch in good video quality and subtitles in multiple different languages. This website checks all the boxes for being the best streaming website for watching anime, which explains its popularity among anime fans worldwide. All in all, watching anime on this website is no hassle at all. It is easy to use and has an excellent interface which is quite fun to use.


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