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How Do You Make Your AC Cold in an ARK Air Conditioner ? | Techpined

ARK air conditioner, In ARK: Survival Evolved, AC is an electrical device that plays a vital role in increasing hypothermal and hyperthermal insulation for breeding and survival. Ark is a game that you can play on PS4, Xbox, and your PC. Electricity is require to run the air conditioner in ARK. This air conditioner can be used for providing insulation from cold and hot areas.

Air conditioning is important in the ARK which is helpful to operate. You need electrical panels, ingots of metal, and a power generator to set up an AC in the ARK. You must be at level 55 to get an air conditioner set in the ARK. It is helpful in hatching eggs. You can install more than one air conditioner. Do remember, the increased number of air conditioners results in enhancing its effects in the ARK.

Here are some ways which can help you to maintain the temperature of the air conditioner in ARK: Survival Evolved:

ARK air conditioner: Set Range

You can set the radius of the air conditioner in ARK. The radius of AC in ARK is two fountains. You can also get the insulation bonus. The radius is set for setting and maintaining the temperature using AC. The cooling by the AC is not effect even if it is place outdoors or indoor.

In ARK, the AC works like a wooden structure that cannot be damaged by non-explosive ranged attacks, stone weapons, and hands. To get your AC cold in ARK, first, you have to place the AC at a specific place and construct it.

You do not need outlets or wires for running the air conditioner in ARK. If you need to cover a large area, you need about six AC. And if you are using S+ ACs, you will need less than six AC to maintain the temperature and get your desired cold temperature.

If you place the ARK air conditioner in a cold place, it will blow hot air and if you place it in a hot place, it will blow cold air. You can increase the range from getting cold. If there is one AC install, the range can be 15-30. And if there are two ACs install, the range is 10-35 by default. You can also set the range according to your needs regarding temperature.

Use Cheat Command

You can use the cheat command to set the temperature of AC to cool down the environment. This is code “cheat gfi AirConditioner 1 1 0”. You can use this command to set the temperature of AC and run it according to your preferences. Majorly, the Ark air conditioner is used to incubate the eggs in the game. To spawn the AC in ARK, you can use the code “admincheat summon 188”

Change Insulation Values

You can change the insulation values which are helpful in producing cold air. In ARK, AC results in providing a bonus of about +100 to both insulation values i.e. hyperthermal and hypothermal which in turn lets the combat cool the AC.

While playing the game, you can see the temperature indoors and outdoors on your screen. The current temperature is provided on the top left corner of your screen. When you open your inventory, you will see two insulation values being display on the middle of your screen.

You should know about the purpose of these insulation values. If not, this guide will help you to know about it. So, hyperthermal insulation is the one that is resistant to heat. On the other hand, hypothermia is your resistance to colds.

So, the temperature depends upon these values. If these values go up and down, the temperature will change accordingly. The change of insulation values depends upon your fortitude, different types of armors, Home Bonus, AC units, etc.

You can change these values by focusing on the factors that affect these values. If you want a colder place, play to get the insulation values suitable to make a colder place through the air conditioner in ARK.

Use Generator

You can use the generator to run AC in ARK and make it cold. You need to connect the wind turbine with the generator where you have to connect one line to another. If you want the generator to start working, you will have to destroy the outlet that has been already connect to the wind turbine.

You can connect the generator with the ARK air conditioner by running an electrical cable between the AC and the generator. After turning on the generator, you should check if the yellow light has turned on or not on the electric lines. The generator will start working when you destroy the outlet connected to the turbine.  

AC As Floors

If you want to make your AC cool in ARK, you should use it as a floor. You should use something else for the ceilings such as a wind turbine. You can also make the ceilings of tiles to let the AC cold and maintain the temperature by making it cold.

In the ARK, AC is helpful for you to survive. It is helpful to protect you in very hot and cold temperatures. You need eighty metal ingots to get your AC cold. You also need fifteen electronic chips, fifteen crystals, and five polymer plates for this purpose.


AC is an electric device in the ARK which is used for maintaining the temperature in the game. The temperature needs to be maintain for the purpose of breeding and survival. 1:You need AC to protect the eggs from extreme weather conditions. 2:You can use it to produce cool air as well as heat.

3:You can make your AC cold in the ARK by different methods. 4:You can set the range, use generators, change insulation values, etc. Cheat codes are also available to run AC in the ARK as well as maintaining the temperature. You must be at level 55 to get an air conditioner for maintaining the temperature and get protect from the extreme weather whether it is hot or cold.

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