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Best Minecraft Prison Server Websites & Games To Join Today

Do you love playing Minecraft? What better way to spend your time than playing on a Minecraft Prison Server? We have listed the best Minecraft Prison Servers will make your gaming experience even better! Build and explore your heart out in a Prison server and enjoy the feeling of not having to worry about other people online.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game on which various gameplay modes are available, including an online multiplayer way where players can interact on a multiplayer server.

Many servers have been created for Minecraft players to interact with one another on the internet. These servers are sometimes referred to as “prison servers” because they offer a unique gameplay experience for players that differs from that of the single-player mode. In addition, Minecraft prison servers typically contain many plugins which make the gameplay more complex, such as restricting certain items from being used or enabling PVP (player vs. player combat).

Which Types Of Players Minecraft Prison Game Is For!

Minecraft has always been a game about creativity, but players are encouraged to be more strategic with its different new modes. The prison game is for anyone who wants to play in another way or try something new.

Minecraft is a game for all ages. There are different types of players for Minecraft, including young kids who want to play with their friends on the same computer, pre-teens who are not scared of the creepy Minecraft mobs, and teens who are starting to learn how to code to modify the game’s mechanics.

The 5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers to Play With Your Friends

1. Minecraft Central (mccentral.org)

Minecraft Central is one of the most recognizable names in the Minecraft community. They have been around since 2016, have a considerable fanbase that connects to thousands of players daily. At Minecraft Central, players can enjoy different classic-style game modes that have been refined over the years for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

2. MineClub (mineclub.com)

Mineclub is the perfect playground for those gamers who want a more relaxed and less intense Minecraft multiplayer experience.

Mineclub is an impressive multiplayer Minecraft server with plenty of cool things to do. There are many aspects of Mineclub that are close to perfection. If you’re into minigames, then Mineclub’s got you covered with their selection of exclusives that are sure to get you entertained. By completing these simple minigames, players can unlock fun & rare customization items. 

3. Purple prison Minecraft server (PURPLEPRISON.COM)

Purple Prison is the most popular and loved prison server in Minecraft. Purple prison is an excellent choice with a variety of different features for all types of players. Purple Prison is a highly customizable prison building game that has a lot of player-built shops and plots, PvP gangs, and prisons mining. Purple Prison has thousands of daily players and people from all over the world. Many YouTube stars also choose to play the game, such as PewDiePie and Skeppy.

4. JailsMC (play.jailsmc.net)

JailsMC is an innovative server with lots to offer. It’s constantly refreshing to play on a new server and enjoy the unique experience it has to offer. Even hardcore Minecrafters with years of experience in prison servers and Minecraft will find this new game accessible yet still challenge them to their full potential.

On this server, players can enchant items in completely custom ways that cannot be found on vanilla Minecraft or any other server. Some particularly interesting enchantments include lightning pickaxes, pickaxes, and explosive pickaxes, which can spawn hostile mobs if they strike an enemy.

5. OP Blocks: (play.opblocks.com)

OP Blocks is a Minecraft jail that’s made of candy. This seems like it would be weird, but it actually works pretty well. Custom in-game treats are quite something to take in. On your current journey in the game, you’ll acquire a colorful new candies theme when you rank up! 

Each mine has different-flavored candy-related blocks which provide specific powers. It’s a fun concept and smashes creativity out of the park.

Join our suggested best Minecraft Prison Servers! Play with friends and live out your wildest prison fantasies! For those that want to experience the thrill of the game, now you can work with our suggested best Minecraft Prison Server! Try now and experience a unique new way to play Minecraft.

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