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First Ten Minutes Of ‘Bloodborne’ Get “Demaked” To Look Like PS1 Game

If you are into gaming, you must have heard of a famous Bloodborne PS1!  Indeed, many video games become super popular. But the craze such as the one Bloodborne created has rarely been seen.  Everyone who ever tried playing it understands perfectly why this is probably one of the best games ever made. It is little to say that it is an incredibly satisfying exploration of repetition where nothing dies since, literally, every enemy resurrects each time you are killed.  Many people enjoy the fact that there is no way to permanently get rid of the enemies, but you are progressing through methodical learning and leveling up.

Hence, even if you never had a chance to play it, you can imagine fans’ disappointment when they learned that there is no PC  Bloodborne demake.  Many people have been wondering for a long time about when the developers will release the Kraken and Bloodborne. In 2020, we heard some rumors about the computer version of Bloodborne PS1 which sounded credible enough for us to get excited about it. But since we didn’t hear any announcements by the end of the year, we concluded that it was a bad year.  Everyone hoped that 2021 will bring better news. Yet, till now, we don’t have any news about the PC port of Bloodborne! But we do have some good news.  It has been announced and confirmed that Bloodborne PSX will be available and free from January 31, 2022, so everyone can play it. The exciting and attractive information regarding the Bloodborne demake  is that the developers are huge fans of the original game.  The demake is based on the first section of the game, and it includes all of your favorite combats, etc.. To tickle your imagination, the developer released a trailer for the game. And to make it even better, they did it on Halloween. 

What Do We Know About Bloodborne PS1 Demake

The long-awaited trailer contains only 10 minutes of the game. It starts with the introduction to the game, followed by the brief customization of the characters and then the insight into the first location – the Clinic.  Although the footage is relatively short, it is clear that the demake contains all the attributes and the rules of the actual game.  The difference is that now you have a smaller PS1-like version. However, keep in mind that this bootup Bloodborne is equally spooky. It is essential to say that the trailer is undoubtedly based on exploration. However, the hint of combat is just about sufficient to keep the fans more than intrigued. 

It is interesting to mention that the developers worked on the demake for some time, with some breaks. However, the real work took off only about a year ago. One of the creators Lilith Walther mentioned in the interview she gave for Kotaku in January this year that they got inspired by many screenshots of demake mockups that appeared in 2015.  During the previous twelve months, she informed the fans on Twitter about the progress of demake. If you are curious to see the footage which has been released at the end of October, you will be thrilled to know that developers uploaded it on YouTube. 

Bottom Line 

Now, before we finish, we have to say that the fan-made game received a lot of publicity. Some fans regard this as a cause for concern that Sony, which developed an original game, will do something about it. However, we hope that this will not happen and that you will be able to enjoy the long-awaited Bloodborne PS1 demake starting from January 31st, 2022.  Then maybe we can also hope for the PS5 version of Bloodborne, who knows?   Have you played Bloodborne? How do you feel about the upcoming demake? Have you seen the trailer, already?  

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