Best Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers in China

Our Abrasives is a company with a global vision. We are the #1 Abrasives Product supplier, manufacturer, and exporter with a wide range of products that stand up to today’s maximum requirements. With our essential engineering, world-class goods, and greatest service we bring performance-optimized answers that help you get the best consequences even in the most complex and stimulating applications.

Our Aluminum Oxide Product Range:

We are the best Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers who help our clients shape and surface finish all types of resources with our most powerful and exact quality solutions. All our goods are the result of our years of R&D and continuous feedback from the industry. As result, we could bring cutting-edge innovative solutions that our clients truly deserve. Our Abrasives Team provides quality abrasives for guaranteeing reliable, consistent & cost-effective grinding, good finishing, polishing & deburring processes. With many Abrasive product lines, we offer an extensive portfolio with depth application know-how to select the correct product and process across an extensive variety of materials & finish requirements.

Our Abrasives works in Alliance with global leaders in the quality abrasives marketplace. Our Abrasives Unit has its individual ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility to provide the most appropriate, consistent, and high-performance abrasives solution on time always.

Our Coated Abrasives

Our Coated abrasives by our China Abrasive Manufacturers are highly versatile, extremely efficient, and have an established track record. With a good annual output, we are one of the world’s leading producers of coated abrasives.

Our Manufacturing Processes

Our coated abrasives are always your key to a flawless surface. Like any top-quality product, the essence of our good abrasive is the correct components and the perfect structure. To Satisfy the increasing demand of consumers for higher quality abrasive at competitive rates, we have decided to give a combination of both Quality & Cost together, and that superb desire has been conceived to create our Brand.

Our plant has better equipment, well-trained and talented staff and the greater skill of workers are there for better processing during production. It is our endeavor that, each supply should be an endorsement for future supply Quality and on-time delivery are also of prime importance for us. We keep severe vigil to ensure the full quality right from the purchasing of raw material till the dispatch of our finished product. We have a well-equipped area and a modern Lab to check the incoming raw material and all the finished products. We are committed to on-time delivery every time, reliable quality & efficient service backup.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have an Original factory
  • We have an automatic facility, high automation, and self-development testing apparatus to ensure stable quality.
  • Great Experience

Our Capability of inventing materials with our brand is great with a professional experienced person to deliver all the needs. We have high efficiency of performance with long life, and we are cost-effective too. Our Professional solution can be provided according to your machine and products for you.

Our Equipment

We are equipped with good type test equipment. We also have professional testing & many balance testing equipments to guarantee the safe use of large products. From raw materials to finished products we do a strict inspection, to guarantee the service life of products.

  • Higher level of stock removal
  • Longer service Life
  • Nonstop self-sharpening
  • Very good grinding
  • For hard work bits
  • Reliable surface roughness
  • For fast grinding operation

The improvement in our performance compared to conventional abrasives is attained by creating a balance between behaviour and stability. We also export to customers directly worldwide too.