How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Minecraft; What started as a simple game with, quite literally, square graphics has now evolved into one of the most played video games, becoming a common household name in just a short interval of its launch. Arguably the best-selling videogame of all time, its creative potential has attracted people of all ages, from kids to teens to seniors and from all walks of life. It has invited them to come and explore an endless stream of opportunities and innovative methods to play the game.

As a sandbox game, its flexibility allows its players to experiment as much as they want and play the game on their terms, making it all the more exciting and catering to their imagination. Its openness to change and versatility is one of the significant contributors to its popularity in the digital world of gaming.

Not only that, but its highly supportive community has also significantly contributed to sky-rocketing its popularity. Users have built everything from whole worlds and cities with astonishingly elaborate details to an actual working computer with RAM. With so many different landscapes, known as biomes, to explore, it is hard not to get hook right off the bat! The only limit is one’s imagination.

Why Is Minecraft So Famous?

1.It has transcended the borders of what a mere game can be and become its form of art and expression for many. 2.It appeals to our human nature to give order to chaos, explore the unknown without fear and danger, and create a world of our dreams all in one! It doesn’t tell you what to build or how to build it, where to go or what to do, it has no rules and is very forgiving, there is no right or wrong way to go about your experience during play, it lets you do your own thing, and that’s the best part about it.

Its inclusiveness of all platforms makes it a very user-friendly game to play. It started on PC but slowly expanded its domain to every venue available, accommodating users anywhere and everywhere. Its easy accessibility has enabled it to reach millions of people, making it sell over 100 million copies, boasting a very successful marketing campaign.

Modes and Gameplay Of Minecraft

The game features two modes ranging in complexity from “creative mode,” where one can wander around the building, crafting or exploring whatever their heart desires. 

The other is a much more difficult “survival mode” where one has to fight to live day to day by hunting for resources and fending off or avoiding enemies.

There are multiplayer options where one can play with their friends or connect with other players worldwide that share their love for the game.

The game also offers a wide variety of inventive and crafty minigames that vary from puzzles to races to challenge courses and much more! The game enables one to create one’s minigames as well.

It supports every category one can think of, whether it is playing action games or hunting and farming (growing crops and herding animals) for survival or just hanging out and cruising with friends. You can mine, trade valuables with villagers, make portals and fortresses, fight zombies, and even dragons! It’s hard to get bore when the possibilities are endless! Its highly adaptive nature is what has made it such a fan favorite.


Another reason for its popularity is its wide variety of blocks. Now the blocks are the primary building material the game is based on. They are its heart and core, at the very least, and an integral part of the gameplay. So it’s no surprise that its creators have invested significantly in developing a multitude of diverse blocks in the regularly updating software differentiating in type, kind, usability, and value available for players to have fun exploring and constructing with. 

The blocks are the integral source of everything in the game. There are a total of 145 in number, including three different types;

  • Transparent ones like air
  • Semi-transparent ones like glass
  • Opaque ones like concrete

Most are stationary, but few (such as water and lava) seem non-inactive and possess fluidic properties. Some are found. Naturally, others have to be craft and may or may not be exclusive only to creative mode. Some are common and easy to stumble upon.

Others are rare and very difficult to find even after a general search. Their uses fluctuate from some being a beneficial source of many tools and handy equipment to some blocks existing for mere decoration purposes. It brings us to the start of our article; the concrete block.


Concrete is a solid opaque block available in 16 colors, depending on the player’s dye when crafting it. It is white by default until dye is added to it. Its colors include:

  • White Concrete Blocks (Default Value)
  • Black Concrete Blocks
  • Grey Concrete Blocks
  • Light Grey Concrete Blocks
  • Blue Concrete Blocks
  • Light Blue Concrete Blocks
  • Cyan Concrete Blocks
  • Purple Concrete Blocks
  • Magenta Concrete Blocks
  • Orange Concrete Blocks
  • Yellow Concrete Blocks
  • Green Concrete Blocks
  • Lime Concrete Blocks
  • Brown Concrete Blocks
  • Red Concrete Blocks
  • Pink Concrete Blocks

Much like concrete in real life, it doesn’t catch fire, even from lava, and has a hardness level slightly higher than stone. However, unlike concrete in real life, its blast resistance is substantially low. It has comparably much more prominent colors than its similar-looking fellow block Terracotta.

Its vivid and definite colors make it a perfect block for decoration, which is used for it. 1.It is renewable and can be stack on top of each other to create valuable structures. It does not have any luminous properties. 2.It also needs a pickaxe to be extract or mined; otherwise, it will not drop anything.

How to Make Concrete Blocks in Minecraft

If you are a newbie or old player, your primary concern is making concrete blocks in Minecraft. This article will help you enhance your gaming skills and teach you how to easily make concrete blocks in Minecraft. So, keep on following and get to know all the tips and tricks.

Here is a complete guide on how to make different types of concrete blocks.

  1. Making Regular Concrete Blocks

Now, we move on to the article’s actual topic, “how to make concrete in Minecraft.” Even though concrete is an integral part of the game for the building and many other purposes, making concrete is a relatively straightforward process to learn and easy to get the hang of.

 The first thing you need to consider is what type of colored concrete you need before proceeding with the block formation process. As there are 16 different dyes in the game, we can make 16 other concrete blocks.

 To make a concrete block, the player first has to get

  • Four blocks of gravel
  • Four blocks of sand
  • Whatever dye they prefer the block to be colored in

They have to assemble them in a 3*3 grid where

  • The dye is place in the middle of the grid
  • Sand and gravel are placed in alternating positions in the remaining eight corner and edge spaces on the grid.

Once the player is done with these steps, they will have eight blocks of the desire color concrete block.

  1. Powdered Concrete Blocks

A few years back, the game developers introduced a new update regarding the concrete blocks called “powdered concrete blocks.” This update allows its players to make “powdered concrete blocks” that have a more smooth-looking texture compared to the regular concrete block.

The way to obtain these blocks is to

  1. Acquire the regular colored concrete block of one’s choice
  2. Place it next to the water
  3. And voila! You now have with you a powdered concrete block.

Compared to the traditional concrete block, the powdered concrete block’s sustainability is much lower and can easily be broken from a shovel. It cannot resist high explosions as it is made with water.

In addition to that, it can only stay in place if it does not have a solid block beneath it because when that happens, they start to slide away and fall. Moreover, in the survival mode, the concrete blocks are a lot easier to break and craft than creative mode as it is more of a competitive form of the game, giving a little bit of ease.

  1. Developments and Faster methods

As the game has gained a massive audience over the years, gamers and players, whether they play it regularly or just for fun, have found ways to play the game more efficiently and quickly. Just with building concrete blocks, users have developed ways to create and craft them faster, which helps them in the game, especially in survival mode if they need it.

For instance, an alternative way to creating more solid concrete blocks is by

  • Putting the pickaxe in your character’s main hand
  • Putting the material in the off-hand
  • Crafting it (This makes it less of a powder concrete block and more of a solid concrete block)
  • Then by add water as an extra ingredient, the block is complete.

Also, to get rid of the powder concrete blocks and without wasting any time, the player could

  1. Stack a bunch of concrete powder
  2. Place the water next to it
  3. Break the concrete blocks

It results in the powder falling and turning into concrete. 
In creative mode, a player can learn to stack the concrete blocks more quickly and efficiently using the techniques and skills that one can acquire naturally with experience in the game.

As the powder concrete blocks are fragile and breakable, they are more commonly used for decorative purposes and aren’t solely used for building.

As the game has different versions, such as 1.16 and 1.12, the gameplay can differ, and the tactics or compatibility required to craft concrete blocks faster can be inconsistent. Still, the overall experience has enhanced as the game has progressed over the years.

Concrete Farms

To make concrete blocks quicker and in a reasonable amount, players have developed newer and more creative methods, which include

  • Making a concrete farm
  • Making a concrete maker.

The substantial farm is not as valuable as the other farms in the game, such as the wheat farm, but it does help the player enhance their gameplay. 
So, the question is, how is a concrete farm establish? It is done by making several arrangements which include using.

  • Pistons
  • Red stones
  • A Redstone torch
  • A Redstone repeater
  • Water bucket
  • An observer
  • A stack of salt blocks (smooth stone)

Once a person has all these materials, they can create the farm.

The sole purpose of this farm is to produce more concrete blocks in a short time. When the concrete blocks have reached their max capacity limit at the farm, they can mine all of the concrete produced. It is easy to mine and can be done in no time too! 

After the person is done mine, they can repeat the whole process by using the farm again and get an infinite amount of concrete as per their requirements.


As the game has gathered a massive audience, new players need guidance and tutorials to excel at the game. Availing of this opportunity, people have made lots of YouTube videos of gameplays, hacks, tips, and tricks for beginners to learn and master the game.

The variety is extravagant as the game users have ranged in hundreds of millions, and now many people earn from it. It is beneficial for people looking to earn online and is another good reason to become a worldwide sensation. 

Many YouTubers and streamers have gained millions of views and a pretty substantial fan-following through this game, and even though this game has resurfaced many times, it has never lost the love and support people have for it.

This game has change the norm for how video games are perceive in almost every term; whether it is popularity, streaming, marketing, or anything else, its impact is just huge. 
It’s high time you download Minecraft and start making concrete!

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