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Isn’t Couch Tuner Working? Here are some Best Alternatives

Couch Tuner? A magical platform where people get exciting movies and shows with just a single click. Back in the days when Netflix was not the top streaming site, Couch Tuner served people’s interests free of cost. Who does not like free entertainment? NO-ONE. It is not wrong to say that the couch tuner had changed everyone’s life. You can watch anything anytime, with less advertisement and more HD quality. But, recently, we got to know some news about couch tuner’s shut down and permanent blocking. If this is the scene, do not worry! This article has got you covered with super exciting and the best alternatives of Couch Tuner. This amazing guide not only enlightens you with the ideal alternatives for Couch Tuner but also briefly discusses Couch Tuner and its reasons behind the shutdown.

As we all know, motion pictures, movies, and TV shows are without a doubt an essential part of our lives. What is a better way to unwind a long stressful, unpleasant day than to sit in the lounge and watch your number one TV show? Of course, the delight that we get from movies and TV shows help our muscles relax and create a soothing environment for the body. Before starting anything, let’s know a little more about the famous site “Couch Tuner.”

What Is Couch Tuner?

Couch Tuner was designed as a site for limitless and free streaming movies, dramas, TV shows, and series. The invention, which took place in 2010, had an immense assortment of movies and TV shows accessible to its clients for free. The huge collection included Cartoon Network, HBO, The CW, Warner Bros, DC Comics, CNN, Otter Media, and more. This site was slightly different from others, as the site hosted no content. It is used to offer a convenient user interface that leads the viewers to third-party content-providing servers.

But sadly, to our shock, many internet providers have blocked its accessibility. In contrast to some other streaming locales, Couch Tuner’s interface is easy to use and simple to explore. Other phenomenal highlights of Couch Tuner made the site attractive for a large number of its clients; however, unfortunately, it has closed down. You may want to know the reason behind this shutdown.

The main reason is that Couch Tuner contained copyright materials that were unlawful to use. The accomplishment of the site drew a lot of consideration from media outlets. This way, it experienced a few lawful charges from copyright holders. Individuals rush to create Couch Tuner clones or sites. Most of the duplicate sites possessed the same name; the site holders just changed the ending of the domain by adding “123” or “UK,” etc. 

If you’ve been streaming content on the website “Couch Tuner,” you’re likely bummed out that the site was recently got shut down. Well, there is no need to be sad as this amazing guide will show you the best Couch Tuner alternatives to stream all your number one films and TV shows in 2021.

Are There Safe Couch Tuner Alternatives?

To ease our readers and provide them the best choices, we managed to accumulate the best alternatives of Couch Tuner. You can browse a few choices to begin streaming and finding all your favorite films and TV shows. This collection included sources that provide free or paid service. These are all reliable sources that guarantee quality content. We understand that it might be a little difficult to discover reliable and authentic sites, mainly because sites that offer free admittance to movies are unlawful, illegal, and unsafe somewhat. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are notable and safe streaming sites and the best alternatives. Nonetheless, besides these amazing websites, this guide also contains free streaming Couch Tuner choices that can likewise work well for you. Trust us and enjoy your moments with following Couch Tuner Alternatives. 

AZ Movies

Some enthusiasts designed this site who love to give viewers a cinema experience at home. The site contains HD quality content and a huge collection of movies. The movies and TV shows are categorized into different genres. You will be surprised to know that this collection also holds the best movies of the 19’s era. You may think that it will be costly, but NOT AT ALL. This site is 100% free with so many exciting features.

Movie Watcher

The Movie watcher is another exciting site with a full entertaining collection of movies, TV shows, dramas, and more. You can use this site anytime and anywhere, as it does not require any registration. This site is 100% free of cost and offers a user-friendly interface. You can explore different genres, including but not limited to Action movies, thrilling serials, romantic films, game shows, comedy programs, history, horror, family shows, documentaries, and more. The list goes on. You can spend days and nights watching old to new collections without gaps.


Personalization is on its top through the Xfinity site. This site is a true paradise for binge-watchers as it has various classifications of movies from family to action. Best of all, you can watch over 20 different genres of movies. Besides, interestingly, you don’t even have to register yourself on this site to download your desired film from this site to your PC. 

In addition, this Couch Tuner elective site has a low number of advertisements in its UI. Hence, you don’t need to stress over irritating pop-ups and content covering advertisements while streaming films on this site for free of cost. 

In conclusion, it also has a different segment for news related to music where you can get insights into the recent happenings in films. The section is refreshed constantly to catch up with all the latest news without any distraction. 


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Netflix takes things to another level, mainly since it is the most famous site on our rundown of Couch Tuner choices. It isn’t allowed to utilize for free, yet new endorsers can stream their desired films and TV shows at no expense in their first month. Who wouldn’t have any desire to watch motion pictures, movies, and series with high video quality? Likewise, viewers watching content on Netflix don’t get irritating promotions springing up while watching a film with HD quality. 

Furthermore, Netflix Originals is the most engaging area on the stage. It contains brief span elating films and TV shows exclusive to Netflix. Additionally, the Netflix Originals are entirely captivating and engaging. So, if you are planning to get it, you should. The charges are sensible. You can browse three plans, including the essential, standard, and premium membership. Every one of the three projects gives a limitless number of films and TV shows. However, the solitary difference is the image quality and the quantity of streaming gadgets increment as you go higher the membership plans. Netflix upholds every single computerized gadget and is the best Couch Tuner alternative, in our opinion. 

New Episodes:

As the name of this web-based streaming webpage proposes, New Episodes is the spot you need to watch the new scenes of famous TV shows minutes after they air. The site advantageously shows all TV shows that have broadcasted the flow week; however, you can likewise peruse TV shows in alphabetical request or quest for them straightforwardly utilizing the search bar. New Episodes has a functioning forum section, and it’s prescribed that new clients acquaint themselves with others so they can get a legitimately received welcome. 

Put Locker:

PutLocker is a web-based streaming staple that many people who have used streaming sites in the past recognize. PutLocker has films and TV shows with plenty of mirrors to browse, so accessibility is never an issue. Other than Hollywood blockbusters, PutLocker likewise has films and TV shows from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, China, France, and a few different nations.


Hulu is additionally a well-known video real-time site with exciting highlights that make it a wild contender to Netflix. The stage likewise offers limitless movies and TV shows like Netflix. In addition, it provides selective, unique titles. A portion of the famous highlights includes The Handmaid’s Tale, The Great, and Mrs. America. 

Hulu has subcategories that help the two kinds of marathon watching, making it conceivable to get up to speed with new scenes of the most recent seasons. Additionally, clients can watch and rewatch past scenes. Another engaging yet contending highlight of Hulu is the live TV fragment, where you can watch the most recent games, matches, news, and diversion shows. The children’s segments are not neglected. 

Hulu’s top-notch content is paid, so the stage is anything but a free option compared to Couch Tuner. However, the stage is an excellent decision if you can spend a smidgen of cash on streaming films. 


Movie4U is a film-based Couch Tuner elective. The stage has a rich assortment of movies from various classifications and dialects. Movie4U has a few film classes, including new deliveries, classification, last added, featured films, most recent HD films, and upcoming titles. 

Both old and most recent films are promptly accessible on this streaming site. If you’re a film addict who likes to watch religious works of art, Movie4U is the ideal decision for you. But since the site doesn’t include tv shows, you’ll need to track down an elective site for that. Moreover, Promotions and pop-ups are an issue on this site, however. 

Prime Wire:

The prime wire is a famous web-based streaming webpage where you can watch recently released movies without paying a heavy amount. All films and movies on Prime wire are accessible in different modes, so you can pick the one that best accommodates your web association and playback gadget. The clients of Prime Wire rate singular servers dependent on their quality, so it’s in every case simple to see which server works extraordinarily. Before you watch a film on Prime wire, we suggest you make a client record and read the webpage’s guide on the best way to watch online movies securely.

Daily TV fix:

If you are searching for Couch Tuner’s best Alternatives, dailytvfix ought to in your rundown. The site’s name may get your attention, and you will not be disappointed with what you’ll discover here. If you can’t survive without getting your fix of films and TV shows, you should attempt this site. 

They offer a great deal of stuff, from the most recent and most mainstream films to not-so-well-known TV shows. They have a considerable assortment that may shock you. You can see the most up-to-date TV show scenes directly on the landing page, so if you follow your number one shows, you can see the freshest episodes right away. 

Day by day, TV Fix has a good solution for keeping everything up and running for everybody. For each film or TV show, the list beyond what twelve mirrors that you can attempt. If one connection is down, you can try the others. If you can’t discover your films or shows or possibly all mirrors are down, go ahead and head down to the discussion to request help. The people group is quite dynamic, and everybody talks about their #1 show constantly there, just as make a request, and associate with each other. 

Movie Watcher:

This one is a free film real-time feature to watch your favourite films and TV shows as it were. You can appreciate everything for free without enrolling in a record. You’ll be astounded at how huge their assortment is. You can track down your #1 show unquestionably. 

You can look at the menu for types and check whether you can track down your number one kind among numerous others. The class alternatives are fantasy, history, parody, tales, dramatization, family, dream, music, melodic, secret, news, unscripted television, sentiment, short, sport, horror, romantic, thriller war, and western. Amazing right? They have something for everybody out there, including you. 

Individuals who love sorting out their films by class will adore this site; as you probably know, most places don’t waste time labeling their data set, which causes numerous issues when attempting to discover their films or TV shows. Perhaps this is the best site like Couch Tuner. 


The following site, like Couch tuner, is SolarMovie. Solar Movie is beyond question perhaps the most well-known destinations on this rundown. It has a gigantic assortment of films and TV shows, everything being equal, and the interface looks all around made and makes it simple for anybody to track down their top choice or new motion pictures and TV shows. It is effortless to discover new and latest content on SolarMovie, so when you don’t know what to watch, you can generally find new shows to watch. 

To appreciate a more significant amount of its feature, you can enlist a record to save intriguing films or shows for some other time, rate films and TV shows, and demand movies or facades that aren’t valuable. Enlistment is simple and liberated from course. You’re not needed to give out any close-to-home and delicate data. If you need to be extra cautious, you can utilize an expendable email. Very much like different destinations recorded here, SolarMovie doesn’t keep anything on its server; all substance is put away in third side parties, so you don’t have to worry about it.                                                                                                                 


Vumoo is a free film streaming site; here, you can track down your desired films like on the Couch Tuner site. Other than that, Vumoo likewise permits you to watch movies in HD design and download them. Unfortunately, you will track down a couple of promotions, yet don’t stress its actual reasonable, keeping in mind that this is a free web-based feature. For well-being, ensure you utilize a VPN to secure your IP address.                                   

The uplifting news is that, very much like Daily TV Fix, it has a functioning gathering loaded up with many individuals who share each other’s energy in the film. You can present yourself first before mentioning new TV shows or revealing an issue on the site. There is no uncertainty that it’s an incredible option among different sites like Couch Tuner.

Café Movie: 

This real-time internet webpage has a couple of surprises in its pocket for the watchers. On this site, you can peruse films explicitly, by their sort, or IMDB rating, or year of delivery, etc. The films or movies can be looked at by their names also. You will want to discover something exciting once you visit this site, as every one of the classes is addressed similarly here. 

TV Muse: 

In the extensive rundown of the Couch Tuner choices, TV Muse is one of the most secure ones. Many series, TV shows, and film lovers utilize this stage to get a grip on the entirety of online web content streaming on this webpage. 

There are more than 2000 TV shows on this site, with their total adaptations, i.e., every one of the seasons and all of their episodes. Many of the most recent films are uploaded there nearly when they come out. The site has various classes, like films, TV shows, news, music, dance, safety, nurturing, and so forth.

Project free TV:  

This web-based streaming webpage is very much a famous Couch Tuner elective. There is something special about this site; it is an open-source project. Some copyright encroachment specialists have been contemplating it, yet it stands tall. This site has TV shows and films that can be spilled by your time and inclination. 

Project Free TV is regularly considered a site that energizes TV shows to intrigue people to take a gander. This will be considered as another great contender inside the sites like Couch Tuner’s list, which is there to care. Notwithstanding, it’s important to remember that Project Free TV doesn’t supply any of the streaming connections or the content on the site.

Some mainstream shows are there, for example, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and so on; additionally, many TV shows that are not well known. You can choose any of them and get invigorated with a hypnotizing experience. 

Watch Series: 

This Couch Tuner elective is for people who can’t quit watching any TV shows. This site has been planned in an exceptional and present-day style. The scenes of all the TV shows and arrangements are reflected on different occasions to ensure accessibility. 

Major gratitude to the Facebook remark module permits the clients without client records to leave a remark there. However, the clients who have enrolled access numerous helpful features, including having the chance to buy into their desired TV shows and getting a warning when the most recent scene is broadcasted. 


This web-based streaming website has comparable highlights as Couch Tuner; however, there is one distinction, this webpage shows just TV shows and no films. You will track down the most recent and most acclaimed shows on that site, which incorporate The Walking Dead, Friends, Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, and numerous others. 

The arrangement is liberated from cost; furthermore, no irritating joining page will spring up while entering the site. Unfortunately, if you need to watch films, they are not accessible on Cucirca. One more lousy mark of this site is the interface, which is similarly not that great as the other Couch Tuner choices. 

Global TV:

Global TV is a well-known Couch Tuner elective for watching arrangements and TV shows on the web. The site permits you to watch arrangements and films free of charge, and it is an exacting piece of cake to the crowd due to the simplicity of perusing and getting to it. 

Hardly any commercials may be intruding on the streaming while you watch it, yet the advertisements are rare and effectively unimportant. The site’s landing page permits you to get to your preferred substance with the assistance of 4 alternatives full scenes, live TV, shows, Schedule. 

Yes, Movies: 

This Couch Tuner elective additionally has facilities of free-of-cost streaming alongside downloading. Different kinds of content are there, for example, emotional, show, thriller, action, horror, and significantly more. You won’t discover films and TV shows on the same page as they are arranged on different pages for your ease.

In Yes Movies, you will discover any films and shows you need to appreciate, with various languages; furthermore, in Yes Movies, you can track down a Filipino TV show or a Korean movie too. So, what are you waiting for? 


Like any remaining Couch Tuner options, this site permits you to stare at the TV shows and films free of charge. There is a unique element of the webpage that it has full-length old motion pictures, which are not effectively accessible on the web. 

The films are grouped and arranged dependent on their classes, e.g., science fiction, activity, thriller, horror, war, sports, etc. The library is tremendous, and you can stream anything on your gadget without downloading it or even creating an account.


This site is certifiably not a familiar name that you will hear in this kind of business, yet we tracked down that this is additionally an excellent stage use to observe great substance. It would help if you attempted to visit this site one time, and we guarantee you that you will get dependent on this site due to the great substance accessible on this site. Here the content and movies you will discover are refreshed routinely, and you can, without much of a stretch, find a significant amount of content for the TV shows just like the films. 

Series Craving:

This is one such stage where you will discover just TV shows which will without a doubt stop you longing for them as the material here is astounding. You can track down every one of the most recent shows as right on time as conceivable on this site; however, there is no music or films present over yonder. They are committed to TV shows. 

Since quite a while ago, anticipated episodes are here at whatever point you wish. Henceforth, it will be considered a site that may not permit you to feel getting off with TV shows. 

Every characteristic and huge data collection make it an accessible site like Couch Tuner that you will discover 


FMovies is an agreeable Couch Tuner elective with a dark theme and all the latest and unbelievable films you could want. You can see which movies are playing in cinemas at present, which are coming soon, and which films are generally mainstream among the site’s clients. When you open a movie, FMovies naturally shows essential data about it from IMDb, including its span, delivery date, cast, and depiction. 

If movies alone don’t do it for you, you’ll be glad to realize that FMovies has a similarly impressive assortment of TV shows. The site’s HTML5 video player has an advantageous auto-playback include, so you can begin watching another TV show from the primary scene and finish it without getting off the sofa or handling the keyboard.

123 Movies: 

123Movies began as a modest streaming site, yet it has developed to get perhaps the most certain brands in the web-based streaming world. Presently, there are presumably over 100 clones and intermediaries of 123Movies, including its unique plan, while others take a stab at something new. Despite which manifestation of 123Movies you pick, you can generally anticipate many motion pictures and TV shows, all accessible on-request and in HD. 

Having countless such variants of 123Movies to pick implies that you hazard running into a pernicious site that utilizes the site’s conspicuous name and picture to disseminate malware. That is the reason you ought to move toward all variants of 123Movies with an alert consistently. 


Movie4U is a film-based Couch Tuner elective. The stage has a rich assortment of movies from various classifications and dialects. Movie4U has a few film classes, including new deliveries, sort, last added, featured films, most recent HD movies, and forthcoming titles. 

Both old and most recent films are promptly accessible on this streaming site. If you’re a film crack who likes to watch faction works of art, Movie4U is an ideal decision for you. Notwithstanding, since the stage doesn’t include TV programs, you’ll need to track down an elective site for that. Promotions and pop-ups are an issue on this site as well.

The Dare TV:

There is not something to be worried about the site’s name; it is an incredibly similar and great site like Couch Tuner. When contrasted with Couch Tuner, we believe that this site is significantly more addictive due to the substance they offer. Here you will discover astounding substances with excellent quality. 

Tubi TV:

If you want an exemplary user interface to enhance your entertainment experience, then Tubi TV is the best alternative for Couch Tuner. It features excellent content. But, you need to register yourself first to gain access. The content is categorized into different genres like Action, Horror, Comedy, Romance, and more. 

Final Verdict: 

Couch Tuner is undoubtedly the most impressive and ideal streaming site; however, many people were stressed over killing time due to its recent shutdown. Well, there is no need to worry as it has options, all of which offer a great deal to you. We have recorded the main 27 Couch Tuner options in the above content. But, there are even more in the browser, so you can search for more if you are not satisfied with these 27. 

We have similarly clarified how you get the chance to watch Couch Tuner, close by the remainder of the web-based streaming destinations, without educating your ISP concerning the truth. We believe that our long cluster of electronic streaming urges you to find and capitalize on your favored movies and TV shows. 

There are a few other various methods of sitting in front of TV shows and watching films on the web, yet they don’t come along with the comfort. After all, after a tiring day, a person asks for rest. So we would recommend you to search some of these sites, which are the ideal alternatives for Couch Tuner, and have a great rest while watching your favourite film. 

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