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Is Gate Anime Season 3 Actually Worth the Hype?

Gate Anime is one of the most anticipated series of all time because of the fantastic storyline and animations. It is a Japanese series written by Takumi Yanai. Not just kids but teenagers and adults are likewise attracted to the series, and it looks like they all keep on waiting for the next season to see what happens! Season one grabbed the attention of a large audience when it only had thirteen episodes. The release of these thirteen episodes kept people waiting to release the next half of the next thirteen episodes. It is right to say that after the release of the first half of the season, the second was worth the hype, and the wait was justified. But is the third season worth the hype? Or will it do justice to the first two seasons? You will know it all in this article!

Story of Gate Anime

It is imperative for you all to understand the storyline of the anime before we tell you if gate anime season 3 is actually worth the hype or not. If you are a newbie and want to start watching, it will help you decide better! If you are an old fan of gate anime, it is never too bad to go through the story again; in case you missed out on some details or because it’s been too long now, your memory might be a little blurry.

The Start

In the initial episodes of gate anime, we saw that the story was mainly about the lieutenant of Japanese self-defense forces named Yoji Itami. The mythological characters start coming to the world through a mysterious gate discovered in Ginza, Tokyo. The main aim of the creatures invading the world was to kill maximum people. Still, the Japanese self-defense forces make it impossible for them to establish forward base operations and peace negotiations. But then comes the twist when Itami- the lieutenant has to ask for help from an old friend, a princess named Pina, to help him make a truce between the Empire and Japan.

What Next?

The Japanese self-defense force then sends the lieutenant to investigate everything about the mythical creatures causing trouble. The story takes a whole new twist because it gets a lot about fantasy, magic, dragons, and elves. It gets to the point of the war between these imaginative characters and a fully armed modern army. And this is the very season why gate anime makes viewers keep on waiting for the next episode. We later see that the 3rd Recon to rescue Pina helps Itami on arrival in the imperial capital, where pina is declared as the heir, and then princess of the empire zorzal, is forced to leave the empire.

What to Expect From Gate Anime Season 3?

After hearing such an exciting storyline, we all can’t wait for season three, but that’s taking so long? We aren’t sure yet. But what’s the excitement for? Do you see what’s coming next? Or do you want something, in particular, to happen in the next season? Whatever it is, not to spoil it for you, but here is what we think. In the next and most awaited gate anime season 3, there might be a war! It is a battle between the Japanese army and Zorzal because Zorzal wants revenge for being replaced and forced to leave the Empire. So, you can expect a lot of thrill and chaos in the next season. At Least that is what we expect. Let’s all wait to see what will happen!

Is the Hype Justified?

It won’t be wrong to say that the gate anime season will be worth the hype. Because in season one, we just saw an introduction to all the characters, and in season two, we saw a story developing. But the way season 2 ended indeed has left us all excited. It wasn’t a perfect time to end the season because our anticipation and joy were one the peak. But maybe that’s the reason why we all are waiting so badly for the third season. We all can’t wait to see what happens next and whether or not Zorzal plans revenge. And if zorzal plans an act of revenge, what will happen to Pina, the lieutenant, the Japanese empire, and the mythical creatures? We all can’t wait for the thrill, chaos, fights, and action! So, yeah, the hype is justified because of the way season 3 ended. And we are sure that the gate anime won’t disappoint us and give us some binge-worthy content!

When Is Gate Anime Season 3 Coming Out?

Nothing is sadder than waiting for your favorite season for years and losing the hope of a new release. The same is the case with gate anime fans. The first two seasons were released next to next which made people love the production so much. But with such a thrilling end of season 2, the viewers thought season three would come out soon on screens and keep them entertained. But sadly, it didn’t happen the way we all wanted it to happen. It’s been years now since the release of the last episode of gate anime, and we kind of see no hints of drops of season 3. The fans are slowly losing their interest in the show, and hope of season 3 is long lost now. 

Season 2 came out in 2016, and it’s 2021 now; so much happened over the year, and all viewers aged five years, so obviously, interests change. But if you are still a fan, or keep on checking the release date of gate anime season 3, it is to inform you we hear the rumors! Yes- the words that season three will release by the end of 2021 or starting of 2022. It’s alright if the wait is driving you crazy. The things we love the most make us test the most. Also, Japanese series are generally slow and release after 3-4 years, unlike the American shows. So, keep on waiting; season 3 will soon hit your screens!

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