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All There Is To Know About Gate Season 3

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri is an enticing fantasy anime series. It is based on a manga and a novel. The manga goes by the same name as that of the anime series. Takumi Yanai is the author of the novel, while Daisuke Izuka and Kurojishi are the illustrators. The novel was first released more than a decade ago, on April 12, 2010. In July 2011, it was adapted into a manga series by Satoru Sao. Three manga series have been adapted so far. Now that another season is expected to be released sometime in 2021, excited fans are getting increasingly apprehensive.

What Is the Expected Premiere Date for Gate Season 3?

If we consider the premiere date of Season 2, which was January 9, 2016, it is quite evident that the makers of this fantastic anime series have had quite a lot of time on their hands to write up a new season. Fans are positive the premiere date would be announced any time in 2021; however, it is best to keep expectations at bay since no official announcement regarding the release date has been confirmed on the part of the show makers.

Although A-1 Pictures has not released an official announcement on the premier date, there are certain hints that suggest the comeback of GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. For instance, the VFX team that was hired for Gate season 1 and season 2 has been employed again for the making of season 3. This is a major celebratory fact for otakus waiting for Gate season 3! The premiere date is expected to be released very soon.  

Summarizing the Plot of Anime Gate

The plot of this anime series is quite engaging, especially because the theme includes both the fantasy and the modern world running parallel to each other. At the beginning of the anime, the viewers are welcomed into the modern-world Tokyo, the capital of Japan. 

One day, a portal from the fantasy world is unlatched, and armies of monstrous creatures and soldiers march out into Japan. They are prepared to invade the Earth and take over. It is a tough competition for the Earth dwellers as they try to defend themselves against the invasion. Soon enough, the Ginza district resembles the pits of hell; everything is consumed by the flames.   

Despite the destruction imposed by the invaders, the Japanese Self-Defence Forces make efforts to fight harder and banish the monstrous creatures from their world. Their perseverance bears fruit as the invaders are successfully defeated. 

At the same time, the defense forces take the responsibility of assembling a negotiating team known as the Forward Operating Base. This team is sent to the place where the Gate from the other world has opened up into the Earth. The purpose of the team is to negotiate and settle disputes with the invaders who came from another world.

The Protagonist 

The protagonist of the anime series is a 33-year-old named Youji Itami, who is part of the JSDF task force sent to the other world, commonly referred to as the ‘Special Region.’ Youji and his teammates are responsible for exploring the other world and trying to understand it in a better manner. They often face severe resistance and attacks, but they continue to ignore the hostility and treat the locals with compassion. They even rescue Princess Pina Co Lada from a dangerous dragon as well as a group of robbers as Youji and his team members continue to treat the locals with kindness; gradually, the attitude of those people changes. They begin to appreciate and trust the Earth dwellers.

Turning Point

After Youji and his crew win the trust of the people, things begin to move in the direction he always wanted. Unfortunately, the story of Youji undergoes a major turning point when he ends up offending Prince Zorzal by questioning his abuse of power and authority. The said Crown Prince is an evil person who runs the ‘Empire,’ which is a society similar to the Romans.

Zorzal has ridiculous and evil plans to defeat the JSDF, despite the fact that his army lacks the technology to go up against the Japanese. When Youji makes the Prince feel humiliated and inferior, he holds an intense grudge against Youji. He organizes a team in order to defeat Youji and his reconnaissance team as well as the entire Japan. Zorzal takes control by leading the army of the Special Region.

Zorzal and his army use aggressive methods to harm the local people. They camouflage and then attack those people in an attempt to initiate an official war against Japan. Despite the violence and chaos created by Prince Zorzal and his army, the Japanese are not afraid and intimidated. They are ready to face the war and fight against the army of invaders once again. The Japanese Self-Defence Force does not give up on their rescue mission to save Princess Pina Co Lada and senators of the monarchical Empire of Prince Zorzal, who wish to maintain peace and condemn the war with Japan. 

A rescue mission sent by the JSDF also makes efforts to save Emperor Molt Sol Augustus. The struggles of the JSDF continue as they try to keep Prince Zorzal and his army at bay while protecting the Gate at all times since it serves as a link between both worlds.

Gate Season 3 – Main Characters

Since Gate is a comprehensive and detailed anime, there are a lot of characters introduced every now and then. However, Youji Itami, Princess Pina Co Lada, Tuka Luna Marceau, Rory Mercury, and Leilei La Lena are some of the major characters.

Youji Itami

Youji Itami is a 33-year-old Japanese who is also the protagonist of the anime series. He is part of the reconnaissance team sent to the Special Region in order to build relationships with the local people of the Special Region. He is quite successful in winning the trust of the locals until one unfortunate day when he defies the ruler of the Empire. From then onwards, extreme chaos prevails and becomes an overwhelming part of the lives of both the Japanese and the people from the other world.

Princess Pina Co Lada

Princess Pina Co Lada is the daughter of the great Emperor Molto Sol Augustus. She plays a positive character in the anime series. When she observes the Japanese task force bearing the hostile treatment from the local people and treating them with compassion and kindness, she is convinced that the Japanese are really there to maintain peace and friendly relationships.

 From then onwards, she supports the Japanese troops and Youji’s team. Princess Pina is wise enough to contemplate the situation. She is aware of the fact that her Empire is inferior compared to the technological advancements of Japan, which is why she opposes the war and supports the proposition to maintain peace in the region.

Tuka Luna Marceau

Tuka Luna Marceau is an elf. She used to reside in the Kowan village. Unfortunately, a great dragon destroyed Kowan completely. Miraculously, Tuka is the sole survivor of the tragic incident that took place in her village. Tuka is rescued by Youji’s team as he takes her to a safe place. Since she has lost her father, she often sees his reflection in Youji’s compassion.

Leilie La Lalena

Leilei La Lalena is a Japanese sorceress. He is the pupil of a very powerful sage named Cato. Lalena is considered to be very wise and powerful as well. His character is displayed as a strong and smart person. His behavior is quite distant since he does not express himself often.

Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury plays a major role in the anime series as the other world’s demigoddess and follower of Emory, who is a god of destruction and war. Mercury is a merciless and tyrannical fighter when she is on the battlefield. She is often referred to as the Reaper. The interesting fact is that despite the nature of Rory’s character and her fearlessness, she is a very friendly person. She instantly befriends Youji Itami. Rory is a just demigoddess since she is extremely brutal towards the marauders and other lawbreakers, but she is compassionate towards the kind and innocent people.

Molt Sol Augustus

Molt Sol Augustus plays the role of the former Empire and antagonist of the Special Region. He was responsible for initiating the war against the Japanese as soon as the portal opened up into Tokyo. He was completely unaware of the technological superiority of Japan. The other world and its Empire were not equipped to deal with the Earth dwellers and compete against their technology and power. After JSDF defeated Molt Sol’s army, they were returned to their world while a task force, led by Youji Itami, was sent to negotiate and explore the Special Region.

Soon another antagonist appears in the storyline of Gate. It is Crown Prince Zorzal. He is completely opposed to the idea of maintaining peace with Japan. His Empire’s defeat has instilled in him a feeling to war against Japan once more and experience victory. 

In an attempt to initiate war again, he overthrows his father, Molt Sol’s kingdom, and takes over. His hostility and attacks become uncontrollable, which is why former Emperor Molt Sol Augustus reaches out to the Japanese Self-Defence task force of Youji Itami. He requests Itami to control the hostility of his son and stop the war. Itami handles the situation by aggravating the Crown Prince even more. Zorzal becomes more resolute in his decision to wage war against Japan.


Tyuule is another antagonist in the Gate anime. She is depicted as an honorable warrior bunny who later surrenders before Zorzal and becomes his slave.

What Is Expected of Gate Season 3?

Since all the Gate light novels have not been adopted, there is a high chance that the show makers will base the Gate season 3 on the book ‘Gate: Weigh Anchor.’ This novel series includes the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces, instead of Japanese Self-Defence Forces, sent to the Special Region for exploration. In this novel series, a strange incident is mentioned that somehow unlatches a portal to the Xenomorph. It is expected that Gate Season 3 will be full of action as a major battle will be fought between Crown Prince Zorzal’s army and the Japanese forces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Addressed below are the most asked questions by people who have heard a great deal about the Gate anime but are still contemplating over whether they should watch it or not.

Is Gate Anime Worth Watching?

This query is hard to resolve because it is very subjective. It largely depends upon what you generally watch and prefer. If you are not into fantasy and are more a laid-back, slice-of-life sort of person, GATE is definitely not your cup of tea. However, if you have watched anime like Sword Art Online, Overlord, or Outbreak Company, it is expected that you will like the plot of GATE as well. 

This anime series is full of fantasy action, wars, and strange monstrous creatures like dragons and elves. If you despise such supernatural characters, it is better to steer away and find some realistic anime to watch. However, for fantasy lovers, GATE pins down all of the fantasy requirements and leaves the audience wanting more!

How Long is GATE?

GATE is a relatively short series compared to other anime that drag on forever. Both parts of GATE consist of 12 episodes. Since Gate Season 3 has not been released yet, the number of episodes is unknown. If we take the previous parts into consideration, it is expected that the length of the new season will be quite moderate as well.

Has the Gate Manga Series Ended?

No, the manga is still ongoing with the new volume of Gate Anime. If you want to find out the remaining plots of Gate, you can read the manga.

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