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7 Remarkable Apps That Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Setting up a new business can be a challenging task. One has to tend to all sorts of managerial, administrative, and other activities to sustain the business. In times like these, one must make use of every resource imaginable.

Fortunately, the world of mobile apps is filled with such apps that can help smooth the process of business growth. Be it time management, stock counting, file organization, or pretty much anything else, there is an app available for it online.

As long as you are connected via a reliable ISP like AT&T Internet, utilizing these apps to the max will be a piece of cake. So, let us tell you about a few exceptional smartphone apps that can take your business to new heights of success.


Communication is key in any collaborative environment. Especially, when the success of your business depends upon your employees’ abilities to communicate efficiently. Slack is thus the app that can provide you with flawless communicational features at work.

Being one of the best communication apps in the market, Slack offers all those features that you might be in search of for your business. From features like an easy-to-understand interface, dedicated communication channels, third-party tool integration, there is a lot that Slack can help streamline for your business.

Square Point of Sale

If you have come up with the perfect product to sell, you are definitely going to need the perfect mechanism to complete transactions. The Square Point of Sale app thus enables your customers to make payments no matter where they may be.

The app instantly transforms your smartphone into a credit card reader and your customers can pay using their credit cards, Apple Pay, and QR code payment methods easily. Moreover, you can share digital receipts of the transactions for your own and customer satisfaction.

ShipStation Mobile

If an eCommerce website is your preferred new business model, then you are definitely going to need a reliable shipping platform. And what better option other than ShipStation? The ShipStation Mobile app enables you to benefit from the platform’s features wherever you may be.

If you have a look at its functions, you will be pleased to find useful functions such as barcode scanning, address modification, order updating, shipment tracking, and much more. Moreover, the vibrant visual inventory display allows you to stay on top of stock counts all the time.

FreshBooks Accounting

Moving on to your accounting needs – the FreshBooks Accounting app offers all the features and functionalities that can help your business maintain accounts. The best thing about this app, though, is that it may be accessed from all the screens available at your disposal; you do not necessarily need to be sitting in front of your computer screen to use it.

The app enables you to manage your invoices with great ease, and further share them with your clients without the hassle of hard copies. Furthermore, you will easily be able to keep track of all your expenses simultaneously.


As your company grows, you will need access to a smarter and safer system to store all important company files and documents. And cloud storage should be your medium of choice. Unifyle is a cloud storage management software that delivers all the facilities that you might need to store all your files efficiently. What it does is provides you with a one-stop solution for all your cloud storage software. Whether your files are saved on DropBox or Access Box, you can access both of them easily via Unifyle.


Every minute you spend at work will matter when you are trying to lift up your business. Though, keeping track of time while you are busy handling clients or meeting deadlines is somewhat impossible. RescueTime is thus the app that you need to manage time at work efficiently.

The app collects valuable data constantly and further presents you with a visual representation of your time spent using your mobile phone. With its help, you will be better able to understand whether your cellphone usage is productive or actually contributing to the decline of your business. And while we are on the topic of saving time, waste no time subscribing to the AT&T bundles as you would need flawless connectivity for this app and the ones mentioned above.


Now, you do not need to sign hard copies of papers to provide approvals on orders and receipts. Instead, you need the DocuSign smartphone app that does it for you. With this app, you will be able to upload and share important documents after signing them digitally. Simply sign the screen with your initials using your finger, just like you would a pen, and carry on with your work. Moreover, the app may also be connected with industry-leading cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and DropBox.

All Things Considered

These are only a few mobile apps that can help grow your business. And as your business grows further, do make sure to tune back in for apps for more complex business needs.

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