How to Plan a Budget Bathroom Remodeling

If your dull bathroom brings you embarrassment each time your guests visit you, then you should give bathroom remodeling a serious thought. A refreshing shower in the morning can make your day, it can instill new energy that stays with you day long. The only thing that stops you is the expenditure.

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Here are a few tips for you to plan a bathroom remodeling that perfectly fits your budget with no compromises in luxury.

Devise a logical layout- If you want to remodel your bathroom in the most cost-efficient manner, focus on getting the floor plan. Always discuss the layout and get an estimate before heading towards the execution of your plan. 

Compare the prices of raw materials, bathroom fittings, and accessories that perfectly match your budget. Always start with the measurements first, or else you will end up buying oversized or disproportionate accessories that will spoil the look of your bathroom.

Avoid moving the water lines-  Bathroom remodeling is not as straightforward as it appears to be. While preparing the layout, keep your thoughts very clear on moving the water lines. Dismantling the plumbing connections and shifting them to new locations can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary too.

If your financial constraints do not allow you to spend lavishly, try not to make significant changes to the existing layout of your bathroom. 

Seek consultation from professionals- When saving is your motto, going solo sounds lucrative. But it may lead to extravagant spending when you have the sole responsibility of choosing raw materials, labor, and machinery.   

Professional guidance saves you both money and time in wandering and exploring multiple options. You can also benefit from attractive discount schemes offered by remodeling construction companies. 

Include definitive and clear clauses in your contract with the remodeling company– Always insist on a definitive contract that lays down the terms and conditions including the budget, raw materials to be used, delivery deadlines, labor cost charged, etc. A slight deviation in any of these factors can throw your budget a curveball. Your estimated budget from the remodeling contractor should include everything from start to finish even the most inexpensive task.

Look for budget-friendly alternatives– You have to explore the most affordable options. Tiles are an expensive affair, tiling both the walls and floors while remodeling can exceed your budget. You can install ceramic tiles instead of Porcelain tiles as they cost you cheaper. Discuss in detail these finer aspects with your remodeling company and ask for 3D visuals to evaluate the result.

Go for Easy install bathroom flooring– Look for options that fit your small budget. You can opt for cheaper options like engineered wood, Peel and Stick tiles, or laminated floorings.

Use space efficiently– Try decluttering the space and reinvent ways for optimum utilization of the existing fittings by installing shelves, using multifunctional cabinets, etc. This gives you the leverage to invest your savings in shopping for some bathroom luxuries you always aspired for.

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