Best Shows to Watch on KissAnime

Millions of hardcore anime lovers in the world are obsessed with the anime world and live in it more than the real one. They aren’t wrong to do that! Once you get hooked on watching anime, there is no going back. There are plenty of reasons why people love this form of cartoon medium, and we used to too! In our younger and naive years, almost every one of us has watched Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon before heading off to school, and that was indeed one of the finer things about life. As we grew up, we pushed anime to the side and restricted ourselves from watching it because it seemed too childish and immature. But anime lovers believe it is never too late to come back to the world of anime! 

Anime has better storylines and characters than most movies, being nowadays proved how enjoyable these shows can be. The use of animated features and bright colors makes it even harder to take your eyes off the screen. Watching anime makes you go through a rollercoaster of emotions such as love, hate, jealousy, care, and much more! 

So, why exactly should you and anime drift apart now that you have grown up? There are many reasons you should reconsider watching anime, that also from the world’s best anime cartoon site: KissAnime. Not only is it a good use of your time, but it is also an excellent opportunity to learn. One can learn more about the Chinese culture, their code symbols, their traditions, and holidays. Some people hesitate from watching anime thinking about the enormous number of episodes they will have to download, but now, with KissAnime, you do not have to go through all that hassle! All you need to do is open the site and get going.

Why Should You Go for Kissanime?

Start by watching the most famous and award-winning anime to get you going. If you start with the boring one or not according to your taste, you might lose interest and never continue again. Furthermore, if you still think watching anime is not your cup of tea anymore, I will list some convincing points down below in an attempt to lure you back into the fictitious yet exciting world of anime. And I guarantee you, once you start watching anime, there is no turning back because KissAnime has a never-ending variety of anime, just a click away. 

1- It Is Super Entertaining

Yes, you must know this already! Anime is jam-packed with action, thrill, and some kick-ass fighting scenes. The storyline is always catchy and addictive. The best thing about it would be its fast pace and a story that gets you thinking. So, if you are a stay-at-home mom or a teenager who has nothing to do nowadays, do not worry’ KissAnime has got your back with all its exciting and action-packed anime that will keep you busy and entertained for hours.  All in all, you will never be bored watching a good anime at KissAnime. 

2- It Is the Best Thing to Binge

Do you also not want to run out of your favorite show’s episodes anytime soon? Well, worry no more! If you start on a show like Naruto or One Piece, you will have a long way to go before you can panic about the episodes ending. Binge-watching can get super addictive and fun, which is why anime is the best thing to watch for binge lovers. You can watch as many episodes as you want. There will also be no waiting for the next season, which is the best thing a show can give you!

3- the Action Scenes Are Flawless

Anime is known for its impeccable fight scenes and action sequences. The real action is entwined with the general plot of the anime which makes it even more interesting. The use of animation makes the fight scenes a lot more action-packed and limitless! So, if you think anime is only for romance lovers and fiction enthusiasts, you are wrong! An action fan will also be surely entertained while watching anime. 

4- It Encourages Women Empowerment

Yes, in a world full of gender inequality, anime is a place you can go to see some kick-ass female heroes and villains. There exist no damsels in distress in the anime world, like the mainstream world of movies and TV shows. The female characters in anime are strong, powerful, and dynamic. The best thing about anime would be its inclusion of female fight and action scenes just as much as male ones. 

5- You Learn About Japanese Culture and Traditions

If you are always curious to learn about more cultures, anime is the right thing to watch for you. Anime is usually blended with bits and pieces of Japanese culture, including colloquialisms, commonly used phrases, national holidays, myths, and other prominent things about Japanese traditions. If you are an anthropologist or just like learning more about people and how they live, anime is a great way to learn. Not only are you watching something fun but you will also be learning a lot of new things, including a new language. So, not only will you be getting entertained but you will also be getting educated about different cultures. 

6- the Possibilities of Finding an Anime Just Right for You Are Endless

There are so many anime in the world right now that you can find one that checks all the boxes for you. You name it; they have it. For example, a guy who eats a magic fruit and is now on his journey to become Pirate King? Check. A girl having a terminal disease gets possessed by a penguin hat? Check. The storyline of red blood cells and white blood cells? Cells at Work are available. The diversity that anime has among its shows is what makes it so popular among people of all ages and spheres of life. 

7- Anime Teaches You Some Real-life Lessons

Yes, you heard it right! Just because anime is an animated cartoon does not mean it won’t give you lasting life lessons. Anime is mainly based on moral philosophies derived from real-life stories. There’s an underlying intensity to even the most superficial experiences the main characters go through, which speaks to us about how larger-than-life ideals move and shift beneath our existence with the most meager choices. Watching anime will make you think twice about the littlest of decisions you make. 

8- Even Main Characters Have Flaws, and They Die as Well!

Are you tired of watching movies and TV shows that always save the main character despite how unrealistic the story may get? Worry not! Because that is not the case with anime. Perfection in characters is not a thing of anime. They are just as expected and flawed as normal humans. Even the most essential character in it eventually dies, making it realistic and teaches people that imperfections are only human. 

9- the Characters Are Diverse and Unique

One of the most prominent reasons people find anime so interesting is its wide range of characters. These characters are not just complete entities in themselves, but they also have dreams and goals, which makes them a lot more interesting. The list of unusual anime characters is very long as well, some of which are ghouls, ghosts, demons, pirates, and high school students. These characters catch your attention immediately and get you hooked up to the show. Next thing you know, your eyes are glued on your computer screen! 

10- Anime Can Never Be Canceled

We know how traumatizing it can be to get hooked up on a show only to have the network canceling it or restarting another one in its place. With anime, you will never have to worry again about your favorite show getting canceled. The show usually ends when the storyline is finished, such as in Fullmetal Alchemist. Other times, it keeps going on and on trying to catch up with the manga, as in One Piece. 

10- Anime Can Never Be Canceled

Now that we finally have your interest, it is time to introduce the star of our show: KissAnime. KissAnime is a leading anime website that contains all, quite literally, all the anime shows and movies that have been made to date. It has all the different categories and types of anime you would want to watch as an anime lover. As the love of anime is expanding quite rapidly, especially in the western world, people are constantly looking for websites where they can find all their favourite shows in the same place. For this reason, KissAnime is also ranking among the best websites all around the globe. 

This fantastic website contains anime from all genres, including romance, adventure, horror, thriller, and sci-fi. The best thing about KissAnime is the ease with which users can operate it. They can also download it on their phones if that is what’s convenient for them! So, if you are looking for a free website to watch all those good anime shows that you have missed out on, you know where to go!

If you are wondering why KissAnime is the best website to binge-watch anime seasons, here are a few reasons to do so. This website not only provides you with every episode of the anime season, but they are also available in the best quality ranging from 240p to 1080p. You can also make use of all the different subtitles options present on the website. Moreover, this website also has English dubbed anime seasons, making it easier to watch anime if you do not speak the language! All in all, this website provides anime lovers with a website on which they can watch all their favorite shows without paying a single penny. It is indeed a free alternative to a premium anime-watching site. 

How to Download Anime Through Kissanime?

Some people find the need to download their favorite episodes because they usually have to travel without an internet connection or just so they can watch the season in better quality without any unnecessary buffering. A bad internet connection can indeed lead to a lot of buffering, which in turn can ruin your mood while you are watching the anime. Downloading the episodes beforehand will save you from all of this hassle. Now that you know what KissAnime is, you may also need to understand how to work your way through this website. If you need to download your favorite anime, you will first need to learn the whole procedure for it. It is pretty easy if you follow all the steps correctly.

 First, all you need to do is find your favorite anime show that you want to download. Clicking on it will lead you to the list of episodes that the show contains. Once you open the episode, scroll down below until you find the button that will allow you to download the episode. The best thing about this website is that it will help you set the quality of the pixels according to your liking. You may then choose where you want to save the file on your computer or mobile phone, and you will be good to go!

Is It Necessary to Create an Account or Sign Up to Use Kissanime?

The most frequent question asked by anime lovers is if they will have to sign up to watch their favorite seasons at KissAnime. Lucky for you, the answer is no! You do not have to sign up and can watch anything you want to without creating an account. While creating an account has uncountable perks, not creating one will not hinder your effort to have a good time watching anime

So, it is totally up to you whether you sign up or watch without signing up. While we are on the same topic, here are a few advantages that come with creating a user account on KissAnime: you can organize your shows in categories of watched, to watch, and favorites. You can also share these playlists with your friends through email. Being a user will also help you comment on the videos posted on the website and join in on the never-ending anime discussions and conspiracies. 

Be Aware of the Fake Kissanime Websites, Which Are Nothing but Rip-offs

With popularity comes a great many challenges as well. The biggest challenge that KissAnime developers had to face in the last decade is informing their fans of rip-off and fake mirror websites. There are many websites online that are pretending to be the real KissAnime at the very moment. Some people fall prey to it, believing they are the real one. These websites are made by hackers who want to scam the users and trap them. All you need to do is make sure that you enter the right website in your browser. The other fake websites do not offer you all the opportunities that KissAnime does. They do not let you download the episodes or watch them in any quality you want to. Before, KissAnime’s official website was, but now it is which is the actual and 100% original website. 

Here Are Some of the Most-watched Anime Shows That We Recommend Watching at Kissanime

Now that you know which website to go to and how to find your favorite show or download it, it’s time to decide your top picks among the vast and never-ending world of anime. There are so many anime that exist out there that it is almost impossible to find one to watch that will suit your taste and liking. For this reason, an intelligent course of action would be to start by watching the all-time favorites and the top hits all over the world. You need to have a detailed bucket list; only then will you be able to make the most out of your anime obsession. Familiarising yourself with some of the most popular and loved titles of the anime world will help you develop your taste and liking. After you are done watching these at KissAnime, you will know exactly what you like and what you do not like. Only then can you customize your own to-watch anime bucket list tailored to perfection according to your preferences. 

There are no set rules in the world of anime which means that while choosing your first anime series to watch, you need to be careful about a lot of things. Some of these shows have only six episodes, while some may also have 800 per season. While the former is easy to binge-watch and get over with, the latter will become a life mission for you to end. So, before you get hooked on an anime, make sure it will not disrupt your daily life by taking all of your time. Aside from the duration of anime shows, their genres vary greatly too. The variety in genres is so wide that it is impossible to list all of them. There are philosophically inclined shows and also those that revolve around tragic romantic stories. All in all, genres in anime are so diverse that it would not be wrong to assign each different one to a different person in the world. 

We will be suggesting to you some of the most loved and watched anime TV shows that are available at KissAnime. You can read the summary of their plot and decide if they spark an interest in you. Moreover, these are the shows that were highly rated by the audience, so we are sure you cannot go wrong with them. Without further ado, here are the best picks to start with on your journey to becoming a KissAnime regular fan and user. 

1-  Attack On Titan

Though it is pretty old, this anime still ranks among the top ten most-watched and loved anime in the world. You may already have heard about it sometime in your life from a friend who is obsessed with anime or just somewhere on the internet. But, we assure you, watching it will be the best decision of your life. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this anime is full of action and thrill as the people continue hiding behind walls from flesh-devouring monsters. The plot twists are clever and immaculate. The endings are full of suspense and the storyline is amazing!

2- Death Note

The second must-watch anime that you should start watching right away at KissAnime is Death Note. This is the most unusual yet creative storyline to be written in the history of visual art! The story revolves around a young teenage boy named Light who stumbles across a strange notebook. He discovers that whoever’s name he wrote in that book shall die in an instant. Although he tries to get rid of evil through this book, the situation gets messier and messier. This story forces the viewer to question their morals and their actions. Moreover, it is an action-filled battle of the wits which keeps the watcher engaged till the very end. 

3-  My Hero Academia

If you are a Marvel/ DC fan or are obsessed with superheroes, this is the perfect anime to watch for you. The story follows young boys and their friends discovering their superpowers in a school much like Hogwarts and having fun with them! They are also learning how to control and use their superpowers which makes the show even more interesting. This is the perfect choice for people who love watching fiction. This show can also keep you very well-entertained. It has a huge fan base which speaks for the show itself! So, head over to KissAnime now to watch this refreshing and fictional anime. 

4- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If you are someone who likes a show that has it all, this one’s for you. Fullmetal Alchemist revolves around the story of two brothers on their journey to revive their dead mother with the help of a philosopher’s stone. Although this journey leaves them bruised and battered, there is a lot to learn from it too. Not only does this anime possess an emotional plot, but it can also give you a really good laugh as well. It has all the family drama you need to keep you entertained on a boring Sunday night. Moreover, it will keep you on your toes because of its sharp turns in the storyline and character shifts. 

5- Naruto

Naruto is one of the earliest and the most loved anime to exist to date. It is every anime fan’s most favorite show and is also on every anime enthusiast’s watch list. There must be something right about it! Starting with the story of a young and mischievous boy dreaming of becoming the village’s next leader, the storyline takes some sharp turns and introduces us to a lot of villains as well. This anime has countless lessons to give to its viewers. The most meager of choices affecting the main character’s life will get you thinking about your own. 

The Best Anime Movies to Watch at Kissanime

If you are someone who prefers watching movies over TV shows, that is not a problem at all! Some people cannot deal with the hassle of watching hundreds of episodes, that too in a specific order. It gets a little too tiring for them. Fortunately, KissAnime also has all the anime movies that you might want to watch. It is not necessary to start watching anime in the form of seasons, the movies are just as good, if not more. Since anime is now one of the most-loved genres in the world of movies, a good amount of movies are released every year. These movies last for two to three hours but are sure to give you the whole amazing anime experience. Once you start watching anime movies, it is unlikely that you will go back to normal ones. The colorful, bright, and beautiful graphics make it hard to take your eyes off the screen. Moreover, the storylines of anime movies are applauded all over the world for their perfect and engaging nature. 

Here is a list of the topmost amazing anime movies to watch at KissAnime if you are both a movie and an anime lover! 

1- Spirited Away

This movie is the best anime movie to have ever existed and has won more than two awards. It is the highest-grossing anime movie made in Japan which speaks volumes about it. The story revolves around a little girl who gets lost in an unknown world with her parents. A witch’s curse makes her parents transform into pigs. The girl takes the viewers on an emotional yet inspiring journey of her working towards reviving her parents back to their real form. 

2- The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Back in 2006, this movie broke all records and won the hearts of anime fans all over the world because of its unique and interesting plot. Though time travel is a thing most common now back then it was never talked about. This story revolves around three high school girls going through their teenage life with the usual high school drama including petty fights, love triangles, and a lot of spice! The twist occurs when one of them realizes she could transport back in time. 

3- Weathering With You

By now it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that most anime movies have the unique plots ever! This specific movie has a lot of themes which include poverty, a wee bit of romance, some meteorological phenomena, and a lot of supernatural elements! The story is about a boy who escapes home and an orphan girl coincidentally crossing each other’s path. On their journey together they help people praying for good weather on events that are important to them such as weddings and birthdays. The girl has supernatural abilities to shift and change weather conditions which makes the movie a lot more interesting to watch. 

4- Wolf Children

Though the concept of werewolves was not popular back then, this movie features a lot of werewolf characteristics. The movie is about a girl who meets a man who can transform into a wolf any time he wants to. When they have kids, they carry the same power. But things do not remain as happy when they start growing up. The movie shows all the constant struggles they have to face to choose one identity for them. Their dilemma of whether to be human or wolf continues throughout the movie until they find an answer! Watch this movie on KissAnime to know more about it. 

5- A Silent Voice

This is an absolute must-watch anime movie that focuses on the most important of social issues. If you are a human rights or mental health activist, this movie will hit all the right spots for you.  The themes of this movie include suicide, bullying in high schools, divorced parents, broken childhoods, and lifelong disabilities. The story revolves around two main characters and introduces more as it progresses. All in all, it is an enlightening and heart-touching piece of anime to watch and cherish. 

So, what are you waiting for? We have given you a list of all the TV shows and all the movies you must watch at the start of your anime obsession. These are guaranteed to blow your mind and make you into a die-hard anime fan. Not only are these hand-picked anime that we chose for you the absolute best, but they will also help you develop a taste of your own when it comes to anime. Moreover, you have the right website at your hand too! KissAnime has all of these anime and much more to offer. There is no need to waste any more time. Head over to KissAnime now to watch your favorite anime TV shows and movies, and much more!


Now that you know all about KissAnime and the great options it has for you, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite out of the list of best shows discussed above and other entertainment options. So, get started and cherish your free time binge-watching your favorite anime.

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