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Do You Know the Story Behind These Construction Signs?

Construction signs can be found on most construction sites. These signs are intended to keep people from being hurt or killed on the job site, and they have been around for a long time. The old yellow diamond-shaped signs that get bent over or stepped on are being replaced by new rectangular signs that can be seen from a greater distance.  Some common signs include: “Danger,” “Caution,” and “Men Working.”  These words, when combined with pictures of skulls and crossbones or gears in motion, communicate the message in a clear and concise manner.  Construction is one of the most dangerous industries out there – it’s important to take precautions so you don’t become injured while working!


The story behind the construction signs is that when you are in an area where there’s a lot of traffic, it can be helpful to have some basic safety signage up for people who might not know what they’re doing or how to work around these areas. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that signs for construction were first used. They have been helping people stay out of harm’s way ever since. All this said, it should come as no surprise if you find yourself reading one of today’s signs for construction and wondering what on earth they mean. As technology advances, so does safety for all workers – both those who are educated and those who are not. To accommodate for different educational backgrounds among the working class, new signs have emerged with words instead of pictures written on them. It is important to take note that the messages portrayed by these new safety messages are just as clear as their predecessors. However, signs for construction serve a greater purpose than simply warning people about potential hazards: they contribute greatly to worker safety and morale associated with that job site.

Get to Work on Safety Procedures!

Many people find themselves confused by which construction sign means what; almost everyone has seen one! Construction signs mean business, they hold information about what workers can and cannot do on the job site. A job site is a location in which the work of a contractor or construction worker is being done. Construction sites are always dangerous, even when no one is working on them! That’s because bulldozers move over piles of dirt, trucks carrying heavy loads change direction abruptly, stones get caught in spinning drill bits, and the material falls from above unexpectedly; all these occurrences can lead to serious injuries! Signs for construction are introduced at the beginning stages of any project. They make it clear which areas must remain bare (those separate from where the open-work will take place), where ropes should be tied off (at an accessible-height that everyone can see), and how great or small tool use is permitted (only when in use, not stored or used by others). These signs also indicate the types of electrical equipment which may be used (with rubber gloves and boots) and temporary changes to existing traffic patterns.

Is Signage Effective in Communicating?

Should there be any reason for one to be concerned about the clarity of the message that is communicated by construction signs? Perhaps for some, but many people don’t think there is really anything to be concerned about. Signs communicate a clear and understandable message to people, especially those who may not know English as a first language or who have a disability. Many people also think that signs for construction are old-fashioned and ineffective, but this is likely because they have seen them at worksites where they have been trampled on or because they are not well maintained for visibility. signs for construction should actually serve as an effective warning system for all people on a site – from workers down to pedestrians. Clear communication from construction signposts will help to set up an effective safety system. The majority of construction sites have good signage posted, which is necessary for keeping every member of the workforce out of harm’s way. It should include all the vital information needed for safe practices, such as who designed the sign, what it was intended for, and where it originated from. Additionally, each sign needs to relate only to one subject matter, unless otherwise indicated by a sign master.

Ending Paragraph

Construction Signs are one of the most important aspects of construction. Whether it’s a warning sign, directional signage, or safety signs, your workers will be able to get their jobs done more efficiently with clear instructions on site. Let us know if you have any questions about how we can help you create effective signage for your next project!

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