EVE-NG Online Lab Setup with Amazing Features of Using

EVE is the Emulated Virtual Environment for network, security, and DevOps professionals the most crucial process is ideal in several ways. Before you focus on EVE-NG online lab setup or anything else in the same category, you need to know about the benefits of using this dynamic platform.

EVE-NG Online Labs are created using the EVE-NG Pro version and including Workbooks under sidebar Menu/Tasks/Workbook. In addition to this, the labs are also provided in ready-to-import .zip file format. You need not unzip it. Simply use Your EVE WEB Main page Import lab option, select the downloaded .zip file, and import. As far as lab creation is concerned, you have more and more options to choose from. Some of them are the following:

  • Cisco Switching Labs, Cisco OSPF v2 & v3, and Cisco EIGRP Labs Cisco Data Center labs, Cisco Security labs, and SDWAN labs
  • Troubleshooting labs, Juniper Labs, and Multicast Labs
  • Sponsored Labs, Various Labs, and some more

With EVE, users will be able to train themselves including CISCO, Juniper, and also a lot of other vendors like CheckPoint, PaloAlto, F5, and others.

What Will You Get from EVE-NG

You will be able to construct the network, accordingly to requirements and plan the right design to validate solutions.

Efficiency is more important. When you focus on getting access to the EVE-NG online lab setup, you will be able to easily and quickly reproduce and improve your real architecture in a safe environment without the risk to touch your real network and with no risk.

Not to mention the flexibility as you will be able to confirm multivendor interaction. The flexibility means you will get the freedom of choice in key decisions.

What Are the Features Associated with EVE-NG?

There are many added features associated. Before you step into the process, you are advised to know about the features of using and getting access to it. In simple words, when you plan for EVE-NG online lab setup you will get the power you need to master your network within a multivendor environment designing and testing. Some of the key features are mentioned here:

  • KVM HW acceleration and Topology designer “click and play”
  • Import/export configuration and Labs XML file format
  • Picture import and maps “click and play” and Custom Kernel support for L2 protocols
  • Memory optimization ( UKSM ) and CPU Watchdog
  • Full HTML5 User Interface and Ability to use without additional tools
  • Multi-users, Interaction with real network fully supported, and Simultaneous lab instances
  • Derivated from Ubuntu LTS 18.04 server for long-term support

If you have any doubt, you can consult with experts and get instant solutions with amazing features. With the lab development options, you are advised to keep some key points in mind that will be surely the right option to enhance your experience. Go through the details, and you will get some amazing features. You have to find the right platform – mainly a dynamic one, where complete assistance is provided. Rather than going anywhere, you are advised to check all details online and then make the right decision of choosing the best one. You can know about the features, go through the specifications, and then get the right solutions on time.

Online search is all that will surely provide you with complete peace of mind. Don’t forget to go through all instructions provided. The store is a one-stop trusted name solving your queries for the EVE NG Online Lab creation and setup. Know about the features, check all detail, and get the right solutions promptly. You will also get online support and customer-care support for the queries you want to solve.