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Thrasher – The History of Ultimate Thrasher Magazine

The Thrasher brand was established in 1981 by Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson mainly as a way of promoting Independent Truck Company. San Francisco was the birthplace of Eric Leon Swenson on August 4, 1946. He loved punk rock and hard rock music and loved repairing motorcycles. Buenos Aires, Argentina, welcomed his future business partner, Fausto Vitello, three days later, on August 7, 1946.  The first editor of Thatcher Magazine was Kevin Thatcher. When Mofo joined Thatcher in 1981, he was the second staff member. High-Speed Productions published Thrasher, an alternative skateboarding magazine. 

The magazine was started by Jake Phelps in 1993. Thrasher changed the sub-culture of skateboarding forever by bringing the punk-skater ethic into the world through his photojournalism. Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy was a PlayStation game released in 1999. Upon Vitello’s death in 2006, his son Tony assumed control of the magazine, and Swenson took his own life in 2011.  Editor Jake Phelps died on March 14, 2019.

Who Designed Thrasher Logo?

French graphic designer Roger Excoffon created the Banco typeface for the Olive Foundry in 1951 as the thrasher logo. Known as a typographic expert, Excoffon created the typeface for the Olive Foundry in 1951. Starting with the launch of Thrasher, the flaming logo came into existence. In San Francisco, Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello founded Thrasher magazine in January 1981. As the logo suggests, Thrasher stands for raw and uncensored skateboarding, just as the magazine does. 

How Did Thrasher Become Popular?

Tony Hawk is the first skateboarder of the year in Thrasher. Thrasher has become the most popular brand in American fashion due to its roots in the counterculture movement. Understanding the pioneering adventure of the brand would give us some insight into how it became so popular. A skating magazine was the company’s first product in 1981.  Along with their print publications, Thrasher has a website hosting updated segments of episodes, as well as an online forum open to user discussion. From this point forward, Thrasher’s popularity soared.

Thrasher Skateboard

It is Thrasher’s honor to award “Skaters of the Year” every year. Since 1990, the award has become one of the most highly regarded in skating culture around the world. Thrasher’s editor bestows the title each year to one skater. The only two recipients to have received it twice are Chris Cole and Danny Way.

Collaboration of Thrasher with other Brands

Many clothing products are launched byThrasher in collaboration with other brands.

Thrasher x Supreme 

Supreme and Thrasher’s collaboration showcases some of Supreme’s signature styles and Thrasher’s position as a pioneer of skate-pop culture.

Thrasher and Supreme released their latest collaboration today both in-store and online. Each of the collaboration’s apparel items comes in multiple colorways, including a hooded coach jacket. Supreme has announced its latest collaboration with Thrasher for Fall 2021, following its recent collaboration with The Crow. 

Thrasher x Vans 

With the Red Hot collection, Thrasher collaborates with Vans to create the now-iconic flame logo. As part of his collaboration with BEAMS, he released a pop art-inspired collection with Supreme and a collaboration with Beauty and Youth. With a collection of knockoffs, Thrasher collaborates with Dutch artist Parra for a twist on their own rip-off design.

Thrasher Clothing Collection:

Many celebrities, including Rihanna and Ryan Gosling, have appeared in the magazine’s merch since. Fashion industry professionals and celebrities alike loved Thrasher’s newfound popularity due in part to this year’s merchandise craze and anti-establishment politics. In the U.S. and abroad, Thrasher Magazine provides advertiser point of sale promotions in over 2,000 skateboarding shops and specialty stores. You can find the best Thrasher Clothing on Vlone.

Thrasher Double Flame Logo Hoodie – Black

Thrasher offers the best hoodies, T-Shirts collection. The Thrasher Double Flame Logo Hoodie – Black is from Thrasher Magazine. It features Flame Logo art across the chest. · Hood with adjustable drawstring. You can buy this hoodie from Vlone online store

Thrasher Fire Logo Hoodie -Navy

Here’s another great hoodie from Thrasher for men. The chest features the classic Thrasher Magazine logo in a flaming design. A regular fit provides a comfortable feel. A cotton blend makes this hoodie a versatile upper that can be worn for comfort on cold days. An oversized pullover with a mock neck, ribbed cuffs, and a drawstring to adjust the hood keeps you warm. A soft lining and ribbed cuffs distinguish the Thrasher Fire Logo Hoodie -Navy, which is available in an extensive selection of colors and styles.

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