ByEvo Serviced Apartments – Find Accommodation in Glasgow

Our Serviced Apartments is situated in the vibrant cultural quarter of the city. For large families or groups, our apartments provide accommodation, whole with spacious open living room and dining area. Feel free to call us to endorse an apartment to best suit your requirements.

As standard, all our serviced apartments offer:

  • Fast check-in and check-out option
  • Fully fitted kitchen with all facilities
  • Large open dining area
  • In-room safe facilities

Your home here away from home

These days, business travellers are looking for other accommodation solutions like Serviced Apartment Glasgow when away from home so that they can have a more comfortable stay. If you are a business expert who is continuously living out and staying in a traditional hotel room, you will appreciate the structures of a serviced apartment. They allow for space, comfort in your surroundings, and the freedom to do the same things you would do at home.

The benefits of a serviced apartment compared to traditional hotels are:

  • A serviced apartment is more like a home, with utilities that allow more freedom and comfort.
  • A serviced apartment characteristically has more square meters than a traditional hotel.
  • A serviced apartment is considerably cheaper than a hotel room when staying for a long period.
  • A serviced apartment looks like the culture of a specific area. It gives a vision into what a real apartment would look like, giving a more complete immersion of the culture compared to hotel rooms, which typically all look alike.

What Makes Serviced Apartments Different?

Travellers face many selections when they take a trip, and one of them is what type of accommodations to book. These days’ business travellers can choose to stay in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel. A serviced apartment is a completely furnished apartment available for short or long- stays. There are many things To Do in Glasgow City Centre and we will help you determine which is correct for your upcoming travel. The differences between serviced apartments & hotels are

Kitchen facilities

It is not common for a hotel room to include a kitchen, but that is not equipped with cooking essentials. A serviced apartment will include a fully equipped kitchen, enabling you to prepare meals and store food & beverages in the refrigerator. You can eat healthier too!


Many rooms provide a bed and a bath; a dresser, a wardrobe, and a small couch. Serviced apartments are completely furnished with all the characteristic furniture you would find in a home. They are also completely equipped with everything you need to work and cook.

Living space

Hotel rooms can be quite small. Large rooms may be available, but they always come at a premium. A serviced apartment, is a normal-sized apartment, offering more space than a characteristic hotel room. You have more room to work, spread out, and live.

The characteristic length of stay

With the exclusion of extended-stay hotels, most hotels are meant for short stays. A serviced apartment is pitched toward stays of a longer one. Depending on laws and regulations, short stays of a week may be available. It is difficult to stay in a hotel for a lengthy period, with suitable laundry facilities or satisfactory space. Serviced apartments bid all the comforts & necessities of home. Price differences among serviced apartments & hotels emerge when the length is taken into account. Staying in a hotel for weeks can be expensive, but a serviced apartment will save you money, particularly on long-term stays.

Amenities around

The amenities provided at apartments can vary. Depending on the building, serviced apartments come with amenities like a pool, terrace, roof deck, lobby, laundry facilities, and lounges.